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finally, a medusa story!

inally a story about the medusa. and on a male, no less! you see, i decided that i wanted this piercing some time ago, but put that off until after my branding had healed sufficiently (yes, there will be a full story and photo documentation by blair and i as soon as i have finished the initial healing). but yesterday i decided that i had healed enough to care for another project at the same time, and went to stainless to see tom about getting it done (for the second or third time). we decided to conduct an experiment of sorts. to explain, i also have a scrumper located directly behind where the medusa sits. so we ran the possibility of the medusa jewelry catching on the captive bead ring already in place. we then decided to go ahead anyway, and that i would be back to change the scrumper jewelry if i had any problems. but for the next forty-five minutes i was content to watch the simpsons with the rest of the workers there, while my jewelry was being autoclaved. tom ran out and bought new plugs. when he returned he announced that the jewelry was finally ready and we could begin. this was my second piercing with tom (and i've accompanied many friends) and i knew the routine. so no surprizes came at all, until the very end. i followed him into his room and we had a pleasant chat about him having to pierce women's genital while they were on the rag. (note: i think i'll reconsider becoming an apprentice.) tom is a great guy and a master piercer. he's never in a rush and takes as much time as you need, and is happy to chat. he also seems not to be into the whole ritual aspect, which coincides with my sensiblities as well - there's no need for either of us to light up incense or listen to buddist chanting, etc. anyway, after all that, he looks in my mouth for veins and any problems, and marks me. he then asks me if the position is okay, and of course it is. then a funny thing happened: he asked me to smile as big as i could. i asked him why, and he answered that people's mouths shift when they move, and this was to prevent any misplaced jewelry. it turns out that my mouth doesn't shift, and he prepared the clamps. at this point i usually get a little nervous. but unfortunately this time i did not. i tried to psyche myself into getting nervous by imagining pain and looking at the needle. but none of that worked. i think that this may have something to do with being branded only 2 weeks ago and imagining that i'm invincible. with the clamps on, he placed the needle under my lip and looked for the right spot to put it through. i was surprized to feel that little prick before the piercing, for some reason. i thought about that needle there, and what was about to happen. BUT I WOULD HAVE NEVER IMAGINED THAT SUCH A SMALL NEEDLE COULD CAUSE SO MUCH FUCKING PAIN!!! my frenum right up at the top of the shaft didn't hurt that much, and for a moment it seemed like the branding didn't even hurt nearly as much. my eyes were watering everywhere. i didn't know if i was crying or it was just a reaction. then the pain continued while he put the jewelry in, because he had to twist my lip so that he didn't poke my nose with the needle. i'll never forget that feeling - the needle crunching through the skin to the outside of my mouth. however, after the jewelry was in the pain left (as with all piercings) and i stood up. i was kind of embarrassed that i had squirmed for such a minor piercing. but then i realized that tom had seen me with my pants down before. when i asked him why that hurt so much, he said that the nerves around the upper lip run above the lip a bit and he had just severed quite a few, whereas a labret isn't as painful because the nerves of the lower lip run right under the lip. so the jewelry passes by relatively easily. in any case, i thanked tom and assured him that i'd be back again (aren't we always?) soon. and i left and headed straight for the drug store to buy the proper aftercare (most of which i already had at home from previous piercings). however, i was hoping that i wouldn't have to be back so soon to see him. it seems that my CBR is interfering after all, and i need to switch to a barbell, possibly curved. i also need him to taper my tongue bar to a 6ga, as i couldn't do it myself last night. all in all, it was a great experience, and regardless of that unexpected pain, i'd do it again in a minute. the swelling has been minor, and most of the irritation has been from jewelry catching. i guess i just have lots of metal in my mouth. tom brazda is known around the (piercing) world for being a Master, and i couldn't think of a better term myself. he truly is a professional and is irreplaceable. as i'm sure all others who've been to him agree, you won't be disappointed with the experience or the outcome. feel free to email me about this or anything else, or you can probably catch me on the BBS here on BME.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: tom+brazda
Studio: stainless+studios+body+art
Location: 609+queen+st.+W.+toronto%2C+ont.+416-504-1433

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