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I love my Madonna piercing

3 days ago, me and 4 other friends decided we all wanted to get pierced. Over Christmas vacation, 5 other girls we knew went to a guy named Luis and got their tongues or belly buttons pierced. They said he was painless and cheap And his work was really good. So, after work, we all went to the bank, got money out and ate dinner so that we didn't get dizzy afterwards. I was psyched all day long, I kept telling everyone I was getting my face pierced, I was so excited the whole time. After we ate, we were on the way to the piercing studio, that's when I started to realize I was about to pierce my face! I was full of energy but, scared to death at the same time! I have always wanted to have a part of my body pierced other than my ears but, was always too afraid, I kept telling myself "well, I wish I could get pierced but, it will never happen" I'm a very big baby and I'm afraid of needles. I almost cried when I got my ears pierced the second time. So, I made sure that I was going to be pierced first. We went into the shop. talked to Luis, looked through his photo album. He's done piercing on every body part you can imagine! He used to have 2 shops in NYC but, lost money so, he came to Connecticut. He advised me on what size jewelry I needed telling me that the biggest labret stud would help healing and cleaning. I was so scared, I couldn't even fill out the release form! I was really nervous and I felt like I was going to throw up. He brought me into the room. I brought all my friends into the room with me. I watched him clean everything. He was very professional and did everything right. He opened new supplies out of packages. He sat me down, washed his hands, put on gloves, put a paper thing around me, measured my lip. joking around with me the whole time. I cleaned my mouth, he marked the spot, he put the clamp on then, stuck the needle through. That was it! He put on the stud. It felt weird and I was afraid to move my mouth but, I was all done! He threw everything away, and burned the needle before he put it in the trash. I don't know what he did but, the whole thing was totally painless! A little uncomfortable, but painless. I will admit that it's a total rush when you get a piercing. For some reason, piercing your ears hurts a lot and it's not any where near to the emotions you go through with getting anything else pierced. Having a sharp little thing jammed through your skin is too nerve wracking for me! I totally trust Luis. I love the work he does. He has a whole photo album of a lot of the work he's done and he's done some pretty strange things for people. He took a picture of me so, pretty soon, you'll be able to go in and see my pretty lil face! The best part is that I'll be the only one in the book with that piercing! I do think that my second holes in my ears hurt more than my Madonna piercing though. I love my piercing, it's healing pretty well, I cant really say too much about the healing process since it's only been about 3 days, it's a little swollen not a lot, it's red but, just right around the hole. I have bit it a few times while I eat but, I stopped that now. The back rubs against my gums but, soon, I'll be able to take it out and it will be fine. It looks a little strange because all you see is a big silver ball on my face but, When it heals in like two months, I'm going to put a smaller stud in with a diamond. Everyone agrees that it should look pretty cute. I've gotten mixed reactions about it so far. People either love it or hate it. Some people cant look at me because they say that watching it move when I talk grosses them out. Other people like it a lot. Some really aren't sure what to think. I haven't been to work yet, I'm not sure what they'll say. Hopefully they wont fire me! I don't know if it's just me but, I think piercing is kind of addicting, it's a rush and it's fun to see how far you can push yourself. I'm probably going to get my nipple done in a few months! If anyone has any questions about my piercing or has had either their nipple or Madonna piercing done, please feel free to drop me a line, I'm interested! Well, have fun everyone with all your piercings! Good Luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Luis
Studio: his+piercing+studio+in+the+back+of+Downtown+Cut+Connection
Location: Danbury%2C+CT

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