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My Perfect Labret

been hooked on piercing since I got my ears pierced when I was five years old. Over the years, I have gained 10 holes in my ears and an eyebrow piercing. I love putting jewelry in new places, and I had been looking to get a labret for a long time now, since my eyebrow was done last summer.
Although I work in an office in a semi-professional enviornment, I don't let it stop my individuality. My piercings do not affect my work, and although my boss doesn't like them )I think), he has not said anything about them. After reading up on labret piercings, and having a great experience with an eyebrow piercing, I finally decided that it was time to get my labret done. I have read newsgroup postings, checked out many FAQs and consulted friends who have been pierced. Research is so important when considering a pierce. I walked into the studio, and although it was busy, I received excellent patience and attention. I first consulted with the piercer operating the waiting room about what I wanted. We picked my jewelry, a 14G stud, and verbally went through the procedure. I was carded, and read over the release form and signed it. One reason that it was busy was that many of the clients there were coming in for followup visits. Their pierces were being checked on (and all that I saw looked good) to see how they had healed. A studio that pierces and lets you go with no followup is not a good one. The studio also keeps good, consistent hours, ensuring that someone will be there to talk to if you have questions. I love that the studio pays strict attention to cleanliness. There are signs all over not to touch the inside of your mouth while in the studio. Their mission statement and articles on their work are displayed for reference. They are constantly cleaning. Even the fishtank is spotless. I notice the little things, and they make the difference to me when chosing a studio. Thats why I have continued to choose to be pierced here. The gentleman piercing before Malia did mine had her take over after he had seen about 5 clients. He said his hands were getting cramped. I was glad to see that. Its obvious they are not just out to assembly-line pierce and make a buck. They want to do a good job and give the clients what they deserve. Finally, after waiting about 20 minutes on the most comfortable couch ever, it was my turn. Malia walked me into the piercing room and we talked a more about the procedure. I swished with Listerene to clean my mouth. I have to say that was the most painful part of this, because I am not a fan of mint flavoring. Then, Malia marked the pierce points inside my mouth and out, marking and remarkng until we were both satisfied with the placement. When that was set, she had me lay back and relax. She applied the forceps and asked if I was ready. I was very relaxed, and said yes. In went the needle from the inside of my mouth, and out the front it came. Then, the jewelry was in! Malia made sure I was o.k. and understood aftercare before I left. She gave me plenty of time to admire and ask questions. One question I asked was how much pain and swelling I should expect in the next few days. She said the next four would be the worst, and that I should rince with 50% Listerene and 50% water every time I have put something in my mouth.
I went out to eat right after the pierce, in fact, and it was a bit akward but I did fine. I haven't had any pain from spicy or hot foods. I get more pain from a cleaning at the dentist. It took me about 10 hours to fully be able to pucker my lips and move my mouth about normally. I have a stud with a post thats a bit longer than whats needed to accommodate swelling, but here it is three days later and I have none. I can eat just fine! I am very religious about aftercare, so I do not expect any problems. Best if all, I can go back and get a stud with a smaller post at no charge after I have healed for a few weeks. My advice to anyone thinking of getting labret pierce is to do your research. If you are squeamish at the dentist and do not like foreign objects in your mouth, it may not be the pierce for you. I barely feel that my pierce is there now. Also, check the studio carefully. Its your body, and you deserve the best.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Malia
Studio: Body+Jewelry
Location: Waukesha%2C+WI

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