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Do you have a napkin....I seem to be leaking

t me first introduce myself. For some reason I feel the need to leave my name out, but I'm 20 (about) and have always been a little off the track (or so my parents seem to think), so when I decided to get my labret pierced it wasn't anything new to me, or utterly shocking to my parents. Let me add, if you like attention, pierce a bunch of things on your face. All of those too meek to do anything of the sort will flock to you. But on to the story now. I have been pierced at HTC in phoenix before, in fact it was the only place I had been to, so naturally it seemed to be the only choice to my narrow mind. I trusted them, and liked the studio and people there (seems like a cheezy line huh). They did the usual, showed me the jewelry, wait, they took my credit card first of course (very important, to them at least), then sat me in the cold room to tremble with thoughts of pain. Let me add, the smell of cleaner is quite refreshing to parts of my mind, in that I know the room is clean, but the rest of my mind cramps up, and I get that kind of hospital pre-surgery, brain caught in the headlights type of nervousness. Its like being in a doctor's office with the little butt-less paper gown on, I just cant help but tremble. Within minutes the piercer (seems like I should use another word but my brain broke, you fill this one in) entered the room and went thru the usual cleaning procedure, which, honestly I don't know how anyone can really soak any of that up before (or even immediately after) a piercing; you're just not in the right state of mind to think rationally. Thank God for paper copies. It all seemed to go way too fast. A few seconds later I was in some odd submissive position with a clamp on my lip. The end. No kidding, I stayed conscious and he pierced it; to tell you the truth it didn't hurt in the least. It did look crooked and I was a little upset at the time. I was just relieved to be done. Heres the interesting part. I hadn't really contemplated any problems with having a hole in my lower lip until afterwards. About a half-hour later my chin was dripping wet. I kept wiping it and it kept dripping again. I seemed to be leaking. All that I could think was that I had made a mistake and now I would have this odd mouth drain in my lip forever, a self inflicted drooling disease. Luckily that went away about three hours later. Everything turns out. In the process of cleaning it I found that I am allergic to bactine. Oddly enough it was causing me to get an infection, so I switched to my good friend, the econo-size tub of dial liquid soap, which seemed to work just fine. Other than that the only trouble I had was getting it constantly caught on the top of my teeth. Heres a couple-a hints for y'all: Don't eat right after. It hurts, trust me. It's also almost impossible not to get it caught on your teeth at that point. Everyone who has ever gotten their labret pierced (well all those I have talked to at least) say the flat-backed studs give them trouble. I haven't ever had one but the fish-tail didn't cause me any problems that weren't there already. In fact, now that I think of it, HTC didn't even have flat-backed studs. Listerine tastes nasty. If you can find anything better let me know. HTC gave me some other brand which tasted OK but was impossible to find (I cant remember the name, it was something 2000). If all you can get is listerine, you will get used to it though, it's kind of addicting, maybe the alcohol? If you have a asymmetrical battered face like mine you might want to just get your eyebrow pierced. A labret will just emphisize your deformities. Mine looked crooked at first, but it turned out to be as straight as The artist formerly known as Prince. See, it seemed crooked at first but turned out to be strait, get it. When I moved the fishtail around it seemed to straighten up, but it still made my nose look even more skewed. The clamp was the worst part. I don't know if I have a high tolerance for pain, but the needle didn't hurt at all. Nipples hurt like hell in comparison. Well, if you got this far, you've reached the end. Let me tell you I'm shocked if you read the entire thing, Ill probably go into seizures if anyone responds (911 on speed dial). Later


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Phish
Studio: HTC+%28I-17+and+Cactus%29
Location: Phoenix%2C+Az

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