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monroe, madonna, whatever!

tart off by telling you all that I was bit by the piercing bug when I was thirteen years old when I got my nostril pierced. My nostril was my first real piercing besides my ear lobes and I thought I was so cool being the only person in the seventh grade with a piercing. And that's where it started, I haven't been the same ever since. >From then to now I've had quite a few piercings including my lip, labret, 3 in my eyebrow, tongue, and various ear piercings. About a month ago for some insane reason I decided to take all of my facial piercings out except for my tongue. Basically those piercings were getting way too popular around here and I didn't want to be "just another person with popular piercings". That thought was not at all appealing to me considering I got into body modification because I wanted to be a little different. I felt so naked not being pierced, so I decided to get something done that isn't too common in my little hick state. So I decided on a monroe, which is a piercing I've never seen anyone have here. And that brings me to a couple of weeks ago. I got all my money together, bought all of my aftercare supplies, and headed to the tattoo shop. When I got there I ran into some problems. The owners weren't in that day, and the guy that usually does all my piercings had quit a month before. The only piercer that was there was brand new, and he didn't know me, so he couldn't do the piercing because I didn't bring my i.d., therefore I had no way of verifying that I was really of age. I wasn't too happy because I'm not used to being carded there, but it's his job so I respect him for that. So I went back a few days later and thank god the owner was there so I didn't have anymore problems to deal with. I talked to him for a while and then headed in the other room to finally get my monroe done. The piercer did the usual routine. I swished with listerine, had my upper lip cleaned, and then he marked the spot The first mark was too high for my liking, so I had him mark it again about a half an inch above my lip. I really like the way monroes look when they're closer to the lip. The second mark was perfect, so then we were ready to roll. The clamps went on, and the needle went through, then in went the stud. No pain at all, which was kind of dissapointing. I do like a little bit of pain. After that I talked to the owner for a little while longer, paid him, and then I was on my way. (With a lovely new piercing might I add.) Aftercare Day 1- The day of the piercing there was no pain or swelling. There was only a little bit of redness for about 2 hours. I could eat just fine, there was no discomfort at all. Swishing with toms of maine mouthwash, and salt water after cigarettes. Day 2- Still no swelling, and not at all sore. Eating solid foods is not a problem. Day 3- A little bit sore, but still no swelling. The back of the stud is starting to run on my teeth a little bit, which is annoying, but not really uncomfortable. Day 4- The toms of maine mouthwash doesn't seem to be helping the piercing any. It's starting to get even redder, and it's still sore. Day 5- I stop using the tom's mouthwash, and switch to biotene. I'm also using tea tree oil and bactine on the outside of the piecing. Also using glyoxide and antibacterial soap. Day 6- The piercing is no longer red or sore, but it is a little bit dry on the outside. The back of the stud is still rubbing on my tooth off and on, so I'm planning on getting it downsized in a week or so. Day 7, The piercing is looking really good and healing nicely since I started using biotene and bactine. Day 8- (today) Healing is going great now. I'm so glad I started using biotene instead of tom's. I'm a lot less worried about infections now. I'm starting to look forward to playing with different types of jewelry once it's completely healed. To anyone that's thinking about getting a monroe piercing, I highly recommend it. I think it's extremely cute, and it's something different that you don't really see everyday. I also recommend visiting Portland Tattoo Shop if you're ever in the Portland Maine area. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Keep having fun people and happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: god%2C+I+can%27t+remember+his+name.
Studio: Portland+Tattoo
Location: Portland%2C+Maine

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