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A Christmas labret

r two years, I have been beggin my mom to get my labret done, but every time she answers with a firm "no." You can imagine my surprise when she finally said yes! A christmas present is what she calls it, but I find it to be metal bliss. I like the way the labret piercing is kind of the center of a persons being. I guess it is kind of like a bindi to Indians. I like the feeling of being centered and in control of my person. For the last few months I visited BME and did research to find out how to take care of piercings and to learn more about other peoples experiences. I was pretty pumped and ready to be impaled by the time I got to Kansas. So I get to Kansas on a Saturday to visit for Christmas (I live in Oregon). Mom says "OK I'll take you Tuesday." Did she take me Tuesday? Nope...she didn't get paid 'till Thursday, so I got to wait in anticipation for 3 days. Lucky me, huh? I figured she was just trying to psyche me out...but it didn't work. During the weekend, we search over the entire state to find a place that will pierce minors and finally we come across one. They say that we need a notary to sign a little paper that says my mom really is my mom, so we go to get the papers and check the place out. It turns out that I also needed a Kansas I.D., and seeing as how I am from Oregon, that was a problem. So we switched to plan B, which included not going to that place and driving home depressed. I wasn't too bummed though, because I have had piercings before (bellybutton, ears, tongue) and this place just didn't look very clean. When I got home I was on a mission. I called every piercing place in missouri and Kansas in search of one that would do my damn piercing...I didnt care what it took. Finally I came accross Cowboys Tattoo Emporium. I wasnt too thrilled about the name..i mean who wouldn't be scared by a cowboy shoving a needle through your face...but I went anyways. On the way there, I felt kind of nervous, but I already knew what to expect frmo a piercing, so it wasn't too bad. When we got there, we met Angel the piercer and filled out our forms. Then she took me to the back, showed me that all of the jewelry was sterile and autoclaved, and then she made "the mark." I looked at the blue dot in the mirror and all of my nervousness went away. She clamped me, told me to count to three and then I felt like someone was squeezing my lip and it was done. No blood, no pain, nuthin. I got up and felt a little woozy, so I sipped water and sat down for a while. Walking out to the car, I felt very happy and couldn't help but grin...I finally got it done. My smile lasted just about to the point when we realized my mom had locked her keys in the door and we had the only car in the family. So this pierced, tattood artist guy with his cowboy boots tucked into his jeans comes out and helps us break into our car. Not only do we have the hardest car to break into in the Midwest, but it took the tattoo artist and a security guy about 30 minutes to finally bust open the dumb thing. I just sat inside in the warm, still glowing and talked to my piercer about her experiences. She told me that she has had grown men pass out cold in the chair from the experience of piercing. I felt pretty macho when she told me this... On the way home I couldn't help but check myself out in the mirror.I was tired, but not too tired to gloat over my newest hole. There's really nothing like waking up in the morning to a swollen piece of flesh and a bar through it...nuthin in the whole world can compare! I am completely happy with my piercing and I would highly reccommend Cowboys to anyone who wants a piercing...or a tattoo. They were very nice and made me feel I was in good hands. Although I was just newly pierced, and haven't had much time to heal, I do think that this piercing was a good investment. I can't wait till it heals so I can get a cute little ruby to put in there...I may make it smaller (from a 14 g. to a 16g.) or I may just leave it how it is. Either way, I am utterly happy. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at the above address. Piercees unite! -Cherokee


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Angel
Studio: Cowboys+Tattoo+Emporium
Location: Grandview%2C+MO

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