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My labret experience

rst piercing was my tongue. I convinced my mom and dad to let me get it done. So while my mom and dad got there tattoos I was taken into the back to get my tongue pierced. I loved my piercing it looked awesome and i was the only one in my town to have it done.

Then almost everyone I know got their tongue done and it pissed me off. Well one day while I was at work a girl from Arizona came in and she had a labret. I thought it look totally cool and asked her a few questions about it. I went home and talked to my parents about it and mom said, "Hell no!" She said I would look like a freak and never be able to get a job. We argued forever. Well I moved out of the house for about a month and when I moved back I began to bug my mom about the piercing again. All she said was she wasn't going to pay for it. So I busted my ass and got the entire house clean and she paid me to do. That night she took me to the tattoo place. I walked in and said hi to everyone (I know them because we have been there a few times before) and Jenni asked me to sign a few papers and I picked out a small barbell (it was on sale for $40) then sat down to wait. Another girl walked out of the back room and asked me to come in and rinse with listerine. I did and went and sat on the chair. I was kind of apprehensive about the whole thing, but I knew I wanted to do it. The girl drew a little purple dot on my lip and asked if it was alright. I thought it looked okay, but I wanted it done lower so it wouldn't rub my teeth and rim of my gums. So she move it lower. I was satisfied with where it was. She was kind of hesitant because it was just in the ditch of my chin so she had to ask Jen it was okay there. She said it was and to go ahead and do it. We walked back into the room and she got all of her tools out and put on a pair of rubber gloves. She walked over and put a small round clamp on my lip. I think that's the part that hurts the worst. She told me to take a couple of deep breaths and asked it I was ready. Before I even answered she shoved the needle through my lip. It was really fast and it felt really weird. It hurt more than my tongue. My mom looked at me and she smiled and laughed and said she could she a little tear in my eye. I laughed and waited for the girl to finish cleaning up the fresh piercing. She gave me a bottle of listerine and a bar of dial soap. I had to wash my face two times a day and rinse everytime I ate. I couldn't wear any make-up near the piercing for a couple of months (no big deal). The healing process wasn't really painful or anything. I think the worst of it was when I caught my labret on the collar of my t-shirt and yanked on it. I almost fell to my knees. Eatting was a little hard because I kept getting it caught on my teeth and it was a little sore for the first week. I kept it clean and tried not to snag it on anything while sleeping. I have to say if you are thinking about doing it stop thinking and just go do it. You'll be glad you did. I love mine and it don't really bother my mom too much. I have had a few guys come up and ask to kiss me just to see if it was different and couple asked for my number just because I was different. I am from a small town. Of course, there are always those jerks who ask if I did it just for a sex thing or because it would piss my parents off. First, it's none of their business and they are just acting stupid. A couple of my friends said it was gross and they didn't like it. I didn't care, I didn't do it for them or their approval. One girl I know keeps trying to say I am addicted to piercing and I will never stop (wow is she stupid). The only other piercings I was thinking about was maybe my nose, eyebrow, and a very big maybe was an outer labia piercing. I am not sure about that one. I am kind of scared. But I think it would be awesome and I know it would be different than some of the clones who live in my town. They are such followers. Well if you have any questions or anything pleas feel free to email me. see ya


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jenni
Studio: Jim+%26+Jenn%27s+Quality+Tattoos+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Yakima%2C+Wa

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