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my labret

h birthday was approaching, and my parents and friends had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. Again and again, I replied "a piercing party." Quite a few people I knew were planning on getting piercings, and a host (the proffessional piercers came to my house), I would receive free or discounted piercings. Rad. They didn't think I was serious, but I planned and scheduled the party, collected down payments from those who wanted piercings, etc. It was set. The party was 2 days before my birthday, November 27th. I had to wake up early because I had to work that day. My friend and co-worker Wannita and I buzzed with excitment. She was planning on getting 3 piercings at my party. (She ended up getting 4 - septum, tongue, and two lower lips.) We work at children's events for our town's Art Centre, who are pretty cool about piercings and what not. I have green hair and they haven't said anything bad about that. Finally, I got off work, and I went home to crawl into bed with my boyfriend (who was living with me at the time) and sleep for a few hours. My super-perfect-hostess mom bought a ton of chips and candy and people soon began to arrive. Not more than maybe 25 people came, but I didn't know half of them. My friend Jordan who goes to a different school than I do brought a few people I didn't know to get pierced. All in all, there were 12 counted piercings done. Not technically, since one guy got 3 piercings in his ear which was counted as one. And one of Wannitta's was free. The deal was that for every 6 piercings someone else got, I get one free, so I got two. Thanks everyone. My first one was my belly button. I wasn't too ethusiastic about this one. It makes me feel like a 13 year old girl. I did it because I had two free piercings, and there was nothing else for my second one that I really wanted. I toyed with the idea of my nipple, but I've decided to wait until I'm 17 for that one. But I like it. It makes me feel girly and cute. The apprentice girl (i forget her name) did this one. We did it on my boyfriend's bed, because it's easier to do lying down, as opposed to sitting on my toilet, where most of the piercings were done. I was nervous. About 10 people crowded into my boyfriend's small bedroom to watch. Cleaning, clamp. Sharp pinching. Pain. But not too bad. Piercings make me feel light-headed, so I laid on Don's bed, dizzy, and had a cigarette. This one still hasn't healed. I lost the bead and it stills hurts sometimes. I think about taking it out a lot. I also don't really like the ring. I'm going to switch to a barbell at the end of January, which I think I'll like a lot more. Next I did my labret. I probably got this one done about an hour after my navel. I delayed it a bit because my boyfriend had just left to go drive a few people home and I wanted him there. He came back just in time. I sat on my toilet and closed my eyes as Lorn cleaned the area. This one hurt more initially. The ripping and tearing and ow. He also did it 12 gauge, while most people I talked to had theirs done with a 14. This was the second time I had this area pierced. During the summer, my best friend Mike (who had his frennum done at my party) pierced the area with a sewing needle in my kitchen while I was high on pot and zoloft. He couldn't get the jewelry though, and we ended up putting a safety pin in. Very cool, but it swelled up A LOT and it was done a bit too low, since I wanted it to be a lip piercing, not a labret. It fell out when I was cleaning it 3 days after it was done, and I was too tired and it was too swollen to be put back in. I've had my labret for about a month now. When it was first one, it swelled up a bit. I couldn't play the saxophone for about a week after it was done. I can play fine now, except spit leaks out. Oh well. C'est la vie. Oh yeah, and kissing. My boyfriend had his lip double-pierced at my party, so kissing took a bit to get used to. Oh yeah, and it used properly, lip piercings can feel as good as tongue piercings... WINK WINK sorry, that was cheesy. About a week after I got my piercings done, I went to go see Lorn because my belly button was acting up. He recommened bactroban, which worked. It still acts up, but taking long espon salt baths help a lot. I asked about spiked labret piercings while I was there, and he pulled out a little spike which screwed into the jewelry I already had it. We tried it out, I liked, and asked how much it was. "Happy Birthday, it's yours." Lorn is awesome.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Lorn
Studio: personal+art+body+piercing
Location: Chilliwack%2C+BC

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