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W X2: My first piercing (non ear) was my left eyebrow. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was new to the scene and I didn't know what to expect. In terms of pain and care I had read and looked at numerous webpages (including this one) to make sure I knew everything I could. But I still felt like a child on the first day of school. As I sat in the chair that I have now been pierced in four times I began to have doubts, but I went through with it because I wanted it so bad. As the piercer put the ritualistic dots on my eyebrow I looked in the mirror and nodded. He told me to take a deep breath and then let it out...I did and then he stepped back. I was wondering what he was doing when he said he was now going to put the jewelry in. I didn't even feel the needle go through. I was amazed. He put the captive ring in and I looked in the mirror and knew I had done the right thing. After three weeks I was back in the same chair doing it all over again. This time I wasn't nervous or scared. I felt like I had done it a hundred times....this time it did hurt, but nothing more than a minor sting. I was very pleased with how they looked together. Since then I have put in two curved barbells and I love the way they look. They healed in a short time and haven't given me much trouble. LABRET: I had my left eyebrow double pierced for a couple months when I needed another taste of the needle. I didn't know what I wanted pierced so I just went to the shop with my charge card in hand and started looking at the pictures they had. After talking with Gater about getting my lip done in the center he convinced me that a labret might be more of what I was interested in, so I decided on the labret, it seemed easy and relatively painless. As I filled out the form I started to get nervous...I wanted a 16g, but he told me that it would be better is I started out with 14g and if I wanted to later I could put in a smaller ring, or just leave it at 14g. I was really worried about the pain, I had looked into many piercings and I heard that it was painful. I prepared myself by thinking how much I would like my new modification. As he put the clamp on my lip, I took a deep breath and....it was done, just like that. The pain was so minor I can't even remember it hurt at all. He put the jewelry in place and I took a few minutes to let my adrenaline wear off. Then I looked in the mirror and was very pleased with how it looked. I loved it instantly. Since then I have put a stud with a 1/4 inch spike head in for the ease of eating and other mouth involved activities, but I still put the ring in once in a while because I love the way it looks and feels. I was worried about how it would affect my eating and drinking, but after a week of minor pain and irritation, everything was fine. It doesn't hurt at all, I can do everything normally. The only problem I have is the backing of my stud sometimes hits my gums and cuts it, it is nothing major, but it is a side affect that occurs with labret piercings. NIPPLE: After my first three non-ear piercings I wanted another. I had initially been anti-nipple piercing due to the thought of a needle going through my nipple. Again Gater used 14g for safety reasons. He told me it was less likely to be ripped out if it was a larger gauge ring. It hurt for about 3 seconds. I was so surprised. It is healing nicely, I've had it about a month or so. I have had many compliments about how good it looked. And about all the people who say it enhances sensitivity.....yes it does. I am going to get my other one done sometime in the near future. Maybe I'll have pictures. All of my friends ask how bad these particular piercings are... in terms of pain: moderate, of course the initial piercing is a bit painful in terms of care: relatively easy, clean twice a day with suggested cleaning agents I enjoy these very much. I was told by one of my employers that I might have to take them out and I refused. I get discriminated against by my fellow students at Marquette, but I would do it all over again....and I will continue to pierce myself as fast as I can make the money to buy them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Gater
Studio: Gothic+Body
Location: Milwaukee

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