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The day for Labret

ince I was around fourteen I had wanted to get a labret piercing. I made an appointment at this crappy place in Santa fe and drug my mom along with me. When I got there this chump of a guy told me the piercer had taken the day off or something. I had gone home, somewhat dis-spirited, and not a little pist off. Soon I forgot about my wanted labret piercing. Almost four years later, now in college, and with a little cash on hand and the new fact of being 18, I again started thinking about doing a labret piercing. All I have done prior to this were a couple of ear piercings with a little plastic gun, in the mall. It was a monday that I started thinking about it. I asked a couple of friends what they thought. I got some conflicting answers. A few people adamantly told me not to, and others told me it was a way cool idea. I almost changed my mind on Tuesday, because a guy at my work told me it would cause mad gum deterioration and even tooth decay and loss. I got all spooked and almost decided not too. Getting online that night I discovered BME. I read some of the stories in there, but I didn't really make a lot of connections with them. I have a job where I didn't know if the people would be all that accepting of a lip piercing, and I also have a lot of stuff to do in college that I was worried the labret stud would interfere with. I also stumbled on this HUGE faq about piercing. I learned that labret piercings DO cause some gum decay, but that is only the niche they form. I also learned that this could be circumvented if you got a fishtail. Now I was all pumped. I didn't care what the hell my co-workers thought. If they wanted to fire me, then I would work somewhere else. So I waited all week till Friday rolled around, found this girl I knew to go with me, and headed over to the local place. I wasn't too worried about the places rep. It was right next to my college and the local college newspaper had said it was a great place. With nice people working there and no problems with being clean and what not. I hung around for about a half hour waiting, and finally my turn rolled around. I had to fill out a form, and explain that I WASN'T allergic to shellfish (I guess they ask so they can gauge possible allergic reactions). Then the piercer had me sit down in this nice wannabe dentist chair. He told me all about what he was gonna do. I asked him if I could have a fishtail put in, and he told me I would have to wait, because it might get screwed up in the middle of the night and come out, so I just shrugged. It was too late to leave by then. Then he made a cute little dot on my lip. I had thought I might have to have him move it like fifty times, but he did a good job. So I said it was fine. So he swabbed up my lip with some kind of cleaning agent, and then had me rinse out my mouth with some moutwash. He then took out this triangle shaped clamp and put it on my lip. It was a little tight, but not much different than just lightly biteing down on your own lip. He then told me not to look down if I didn't want to see the needle. I looked down anyways, and jesus it was big. I was only doing a 14 gauge piercing but that needle looked like it was as big around as a toothpick. I asked him how much it would hurt and he said it was like getting punched in the lip. I told him getting punched in the lip usually hurts pretty damn bad, but I was just joking around with him. He rolled the needle around in some kind of goop (?), and then told me I should take a couple of deep breaths, in and out of my mouth, and that he would push it through on my last exhale. SO I started and he was holding that big damn needle up, and then I started breathing out and I felt him start pushing. It didn't hurt very much at all. Less than bighting your own lip. I just felt some pressure and this weird kind of crunching sensation. Then he was reaching for the stud. So I sat there with this three inch needle hanging through my lip. And my friend was like, "Jesus, does that hurt." I didn't answer though ('cause I had a big needle through my lip). Then he used the stud to push the needle out, and this didn't hurt AT ALL. Then he fumbled around for a minute, trying to pick up the ball, and I laughed and almost forgot why I was there in the first place. Finally he got it, and screwed it on. He showed me in the mirror and I noticed I was shaking as I held it. But I didna care, it was WAY cool looking. It was better than I had hoped and I was WAY pumped. So he told me about the after care and whatnot. his included washing with antibacterial soap twice a day and rincing my mouth out with 50% moutwash 50% water. There was almost no swelling. By monday, when I went back to work it didn't hurt or anything. Eating took a little getting used to, but it was no big deal. I am mildly afraid that if it rubs on my teeth too much it will screw up my enamel, but I am getting better control of it, so it doesn't happen much. So if anyone is considdering it, stop considdering and DO it. It looks great. I can't help but smile when I catch a glance of myself in the mirror.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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