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Safety-Pinned Lip in my Dad's Bathroom.

long as I can remember, before I piled the shit in my ears and tongue, I've wanted my lip pierced. I knew it since sixth grade, and this summer, I was determined to have it. Why the inclination to do it unsanitarily in my dad's dingy bathroom? More or less I knew my mom would flip out, so I figured why pay for it when I'd have to take it out sooner or later anyway. I figure my dad didn't want to make yet ANOTHER trip to the CowPok for another piercing anyway, so I massacred my lip in the bathroom at 1am on a Tuesday morning. I begged my friend Sara to do it...she's an artist and has a steady hand, plus I trusted her. She was definitely apprehensive about doing it at first, I didn't blame her, but I wanted it bad, so out came the safety pin from her hoodie... She soaked the safety pin in alcohol and burnt it with a match (nice sterilizing techniques! haha) while I attempted to numb my lip with a piece of ice. As you can already tell, this was heading towards disaster. I was shaking with anticipation and pain as I sat on the toilet seat grasping Sara's arm while she tried to guide the toothpick-sized safety pin into the right side of my lower lip. It felt like an enternity, but to be quite honest I'm suprised the thing went in at all. The next dilemma was trying to fit an 18ga cbr into the tiny hole. Obviously, it wasn't working, so Sara ripped out one of her earring studs and shoved it in my lip before I could think twice. Jesus, in retrospect, it seems like such a stupid teenage antic. Onward with the story... So I had this huge stud from Claire's hanging out of my lip. Needless to say it wasn't attractive and I wasn't about to let my dad know I'd done it myself so I slept on my face (again, not too bright. oh well) and then proceeded to muffle my face with a pillow when he tried to talk to me before he left for work. Promptly after he left, I made a quick run to the bathroom, loosened the stud around my then puffy lip, swabbed it with Bactine (the only time it'd be cleaned prior to the stretching) and walked up the street to CowPok to get a ring inserted. I have to admit, in those two blocks I got some pretty weird stares, then again I had a half-inch diameter ball randomly sticking out of my lip. Keith laughed when I walked in the door but admitted Sara hadn't done that bad of a job as far as placement. I picked out a 10-dollar niobium 16ga CBR...I guess he didn't realize how small the piercing was until after he tried to shimmy the ring into my lip unsuccessfully. Then came the taper. That was one hundred percent pain right there. He still snickered at me, after jamming the taper through my lip (it was pretty reluctant to go through) saying "Hurts doesn't it? Maybe we should just leave it like this..." with a huge taper sticking out of my mouth. After he slid the jewelery in with ease the swelling immediately went down and there was no pain at all. He gave me an aftercare packet, had a last chuckle at my expense, I thanked him and tipped him and went on my way with my quasi-professional looking lip ring. Damn I felt cool. I came home to my dad with a smirk. "Dad, I got something else pierced." (Him) "OH MY GOD, NOT YOUR TONGUE!" "Um actually, no, my lip." (Him again) "Oh, okay." and proceeded to light a cigarette with Sara and chat about doo-wop music. I wasn't expecting that, but at least he didn't make a big deal out of it. The entire thing is moronically funny, I think. I was 15, obviously it's something I'm going to laugh about for a while. The infamous lip ring lasted one year, after it got tugged on, smashed against, and in the way of my food, alcohol, cigarettes, and lipstick, I decided to retire it at the beginning of this year's school year. It was always sore to the touch, so I'm sure it hadn't (or ever had any intention of doing so) healed properly. Much to my suprise the inside started closing up the minute I snapped the bead off and pulled the ring out. The outside left a small indentation of a scar, but it's barely noticable, but there is still the definition of where the taper entered my skin. It was fun for a while, but I figure if I want the real deal, I can go back to Keith and have him professionally do it, but the desire has been long-gone...I suppose it was one of those things just to do to get over with and show off for a while...for me anyway. Unfortunately work awaits and isn't quite tolerant of the metal-in-face theory, until I find a more lenient workplace (yeah right) I will again venture out into the wild world of piercing. (Incidentally, my latest obsession is cheek piercings and vertical labrets...will the needle craving ever stop?!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: a+friend.
Studio: my+dad%27s+bathroom.
Location: Buffalo%2C+NY

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