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A Yummy Lip Ring Makes Spider A Happy Girl

I was 15, I was dying to get a tattoo. I was already considered "weird" by my friends in my small, narrow-minded town because my hair was usually blue or red or some equally "non-normal" shade. So getting a tattoo and dealing with their stupid comments was not a big deal for me. So after hearing me whine and moan about how pretty a butterfly would look on my tummy for about a year, my mother let me get a tattoo. I totally loved the feeling and the way my little blue and yellow butterfly looked on my tummy. But I was not satisfied...for the next 3 months I dreamed about having my eyebrow pierced. There wasn't a piercer in our town, so i did it myself. I used a needle boiled in hot water than rubbing alcohal and then I froze my eyebrow with a cherry popsicle and poked the needle through. Ouch! Actually the worst part was not the actual piercing, but the placing of the ring back through my sore eyebrow. But I adored it. I thought it looked so cool, but I only kept it for about 2 weeks. My hair used to tangle around it and it became too much of a hassle so I removed it. During my first year of college, after I got out of my small town, I had the urge to get my eyebrow pierced again. This time professionally and with a Captive Bead Ring. Much better. Much Prettier. But again, I only kept it in for about 2 weeks. The hair thing was too annoying.I guess I should have gotten a barbell. It would have made much more sense I guess. Ah well, there's an idea for the next time because I'm sure I'll get the urge to pierce my eyebrow again. I love the way it looks. Ok, so during my second year of college...I got my lip ring. And oh how I loved it. I loved everything about it. I loved the way it felt when the needle went through my quivering little lip. I was so scared, and it did hurt...but afterwards I had that yummy pleasure-pain feeling and a brand, spanking new CBR through my lip. I was so proud of myself. When I came back to my hometown, people stared and gave me weird looks. They asked me if it hurt and poked at it and soon I became known as "that girl with her lip pierced." My mother and father hated it, funny enough though, my Nana loved it. She said it looked cute. It took awhile for it to heal though. I kept knocking it around and it was hella hard to kiss with it. After about 2 months I totally got used to it and sometimes I even forgot it was there. Then one day, after smoking a lot the night before, I woke up and my lip was super fat. I took some ibuprofen and called my piercer. He told me to clean it with some anti bacterial soap at least 5-7 times during the day and take ibuprofen to keep the swelling down. So I did that and I went out with my friend to a Regatta. I felt horrible. My lip was swollen so much that it was pressing against the ring and all this yucky crap was coming from it. By the end of the day though, my lip was back to normal and I was happy again. Since then there have been absolutely no problems. I've had my lip ring for almost 2 years now and I still love it. I've changed the jewelry and I have a labret stud. I am the only girl in my town with my lip pierced, my ex-boyfriend has both his eyebrows done, one of my friends has a spiked lybret and her tongue pierced, another friend has his lybret done and my room mate has her tongue pierced. So as you can see, piercing is becoming quite "popular" back home now. I'm sure people are talking about us "weird" kids all the time. Where I live now it's not uncommon to have piercings. I met the most beautiful boy and he has his tongue, bridge, lip and eyebrow pierced. I think it looks amazing. I love piercings and tattoos...and don't even get me started on those nipple rings. Yum. Hehehe. So anyways, now I've got that little craving for another hole. I was thinking about getting a nipple barbell or my eyebrow redone...yet again. But I'm not too sure. I've also contemplated getting my tongue done but I'm scared my it would get swollen and I'd choke or something. Hehe. Well, so, yeah...I'm looking forward to getting a new piercing soon. I'm excited and scared and I can not decide what to pierce. Anybody have any suggestions?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Tim
Studio: Techtonics
Location: St.John%27s%2C+NFLD%2C+Canada

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