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my labret piercing done on Nov. 21st 99 at Weesies Wonders by THE WIZARD. He is the most awesome piercer their is on this planet. I have five other piercings but I think my labret is the most Kool of all. My experience
began with a trip to WW's to get my tounge done. I arrived for my appointment only to be let down by my tounge. My webbing on the underside of my tounge comes all the way to the end. No can do for you he said(DAMN). So I decided to have my navel done instead as I wanted that done anyway. I had thought about a labret but I'm a manager in a body shop(cars) and I work with the public 8 hours a day. I figured that was out the question. My
supervisor hates my 14 ga. earrings(3 in left 1 in right)so much I figured he would flip his sh if I showed up at work with a labret stud in my lower lip. After much pursuading and him seeing my wifes tounge ring he caved in. I set up an appointment with WW's and set off to have my labret done before my boss changed his mind. I arrived at 6 pm to have it done. 20 minutes later I was on my way home freshly pierced. This procedure went
much like other ones, pretty much pain free and alot of damn fun. My piercer went through the procedure like he had before. Everything is sterilized in an autoclave machine. He is also trained in CPR and other medical course so I feel totally safe with him doing my mods. I am a 30 yr
old male still having fun in life. My healing process is going good. I use bactine to clean the crusties away and Listerine to keep the inside of my mouth feeling good. The swelling of my lip was minimal but if you have this done make sure your piercer uses a long enough stud so it wont sink into the back of your lip if it swells. He said the healing would take up to three months but come back in seven to ten days and he could change the length of my stud and put a spiked end on it . I have heard alot of people say their labret gets caught on their teeth while eating. Maybe I'm lucky because that has not happened so far. Be prepared to hear all of the chrome zit jokes(pretty funny HA HA) you care to hear. With it being around Christmas I have heard that I have an ornament hanging under my chin(thats alright At least I hung my own balls). I went out to eat at Ryans resturant tonight and the cashier looked at me like ghost and by the time I reached my table I realized he had forgotten to give us our plates. Ignorance at it's best I say. I have always gotten strange looks though ever since high school in the Heavy Metal Eighties. Kiss and Motley Crue were the big bands then so I tried to emulate them. I was ridiculed for that so being pierced is nothing new for me as far as that goes. So if you are to be pierced go for it. Dont do it for anybody but yourself. Feel free to E-mail me the above address(No smart A comments will be recognized). Let me drop a few lines about getting a top of the line proffessional to have piercing done by. One. Dont go to a nasty ratty looking place(A piercing should be done safe or not at all).Two.Check the piercers reputation by asking people that you know have piercings or where you hang out at clubs to find a reputable person. Three.Make sure your jewelry and all needles are pre-wrapped and sterilized.Four. If you have a question ask.Five. If he/she wont give you a straight answer Leaxe. Six. Make sure all after care instructions are gone over with you and given to you in writing.Even if you have had twenty piercings done their before. Seven. Go to BME to find out info about certain things you want done. See if the type of mod you want was done by a local shop and see what that person(s) have to say about the quality and rep of that shop. I know all of my mods have been fun and rewardng. I know they were done safely and properly. So if you or anybody you has a question or comment feel free to E-mail at address listed above. No smart a comment or rud offensive conduct will be greeted with a respnse. As always have fun in life and BME kicks BUTT


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Weesies+Wonders
Location: Mauldin%2C+South+Carolina

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