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No regrets at all!

rets at all!! A little background, my name is no matter to this, i´m 24 years old female. When i was 17 i had my lobes pierced several times by myself using sewing needles and studs. Back then my parents were at the breack of getting divorced and i just had to escape all that shit, so i started to get into alternative lifestyles, with piercings, crazy clothes, strange colors in hair, etc. I started to hang out with a group of 5 people , 3 girls and 2 guys, which later that year all of us start to live together in a flat. I got a job in a hair sallon washing hair and i cut all conections to my family.
Me and my friends start to get interested in piercings and tatoos, and one day i decided to change my body. The problem was money, i had some money but tatoos and piercings can be very expensive, so i decided to pierce myself , i started to look for a place were i could buy supplies. Me and a good friend of mine started to experimente with the needles and i got my first piercing in my botton lip made by my friend. Very simple, she pushed my lip out pushed the needle in, and put the ring, no marks no clamps. The experience as really cool, and i started also to pierce some of my friends ears, lips and nipples. I found in piercings a new addiction, and i coulnd´t stop getting pierced. I was by far the most pierced in the group, my ears were fully pierced, my lip, my cheeks and nipples and i was the first getting genital piercings and getting the ears streeched. I was a freak(well i still am), people looked at me like i had lepra or something and i soon was fired from my job for obvious reasons. It was really bad times, i mostly survived thanks to my friends money, but being around all day home i got bored and i added a few more piercings to my vaste colection. I end up piercing my outer labia and my hood, my septum, both nostrils and a couple of rings on the sides of the mouth. I had many problems with my septum and nostrils because i was always sick and i spend a lot of time cleaning the piercings. I had also problem with the streeching of my ears, mostly because i had no plugs and i had to improvised , i remember using heights to streech and putting pens in and other stuff. One at a party i was aproched by a guy who ask me if i was interested in working in a tatoo shop take he was going to open real soon. It was real cool , and i had to take it, so i started to work in is shop, not piercing or tatooing , just receiving people and cleaning up the place. I work there 4 years, until the shop had to close because there were some problems with the building, but before that i got most of my body tatooed for free. I was at first quite afraid of getting tatoos, it was visual atractive, but i was a little apreensive about the fact it´s a permanent body modification, i never gived much thought about the piercings because they can be take out!!(not for me, you will understand better later). But what the hell go with it. My first tatoo was a little rose in my back, but then i decided to get a big piece in my back, a big dragon that cover all my back and the tail of the dragon goes back and gets around my left leg. Despite a few mistakes the final result was really impressive and it took 3 mouths to complet. After that project i got some tribal designs in my arms and some other minor tatoos. In what concerns piercings , i got a madison (by far que most painfull piercing i ever done),and my tongue, my ears were now quite streeched and i put some flesh tunnels in. In 1997 i was getting home when i was run over by a taxi cab, wich put me in hospital for a while, where without my permission they took all my piercings jewelly. I had a severe fracture in my left leg and i end up getting another body modification, 2 titanium plates secrewed in my bones and a scar that screwed a part of my tatoo. I spend about a month in hospital and when i left i had some trouble getting in some of the jewely, but i manage to do it, but i made a promess that i never would get then out again, because i think the piercings are really part of my body just like the tatoos take it can never be taken out. So i started to look for some process for getting my piercings permanent, (and not talking about super glue) , i mean welding, but i don´t knew any person that could do it to me and i didn´t knew notting about it!!. A friend of mine had some of those little welding devices for electronique use, welding transistors and other tiny stuff, so after some talks i finally end up convicing my friend to try to do it. The day come and i was really nervous, i never been nervous before but this time i was, i decided to try on my ears, both lobes. After getting those tunnels, i put in each a 0g rings that have a lot of space to play around that tunnel. My friend got the "think" hot and melted some welding liquid metal(quinka like terminator 2) and after putting the ball in the rings , he pored carefully some of that on the sides of the ball. The result was a mess, the ball was full of "metal crusts" , after some work i got some of the excess, leaving just a small mass near the joints to keep then real shut. I got the same procedure in the other ear and this this day i still have the same rings on my ears and i think i´m going to die with then on. The other piercing i couldn´t get then done because they are too near the flesh and i was afraid to get burned by the welding, but i´m still looking of a process to get some of my piercings permanent. After many years without work , i finally got a job that didn´t required the non-modifications factor, and as money started to come i felt the urge to do something more to my already modified body. I got my arms fully tatooed and i find a tatoo artist that was able to "fix" my dragon tatoo in my leg, i got some new jewely and piercings: i remove all my rings from my ears, leaving only the flesh tunnels and the welded rings, i also removed some of lip piercings , leaving just the bottom labret and both cheeks, i streeched the septum to 10g and after a few moths my tongue is now 0g, the nostrils i just keep studs, the nipples are now 6g, after some problems the madison it´s healed. New piercings: my bridge and i completed my genitalia dreams with a 5 rings each outer labia, 3 inner, a hood and i plan to streech then all. This year i discover the wonders of the Net and i found out new forms of body modifications. I already had some minor bod mods, i got all my pubic and my eyebrows hairs removed, but i decided to do some implants and a branding. I got a ring implant in my right arm and i never had the corage to do another , because despite the fact i´m quite pierced i never had massive blood experience like that implant. Branding , let´s just say i don´t have the guts yet. My next body modification will be very extreme and somewhat anti-social. I always found very exciting the stories about slaves, especialy the methods used to keep then locked up. I what to get a full set of locker rings in my body. I´m not crazy, i don´t what those giant rusty steel rings, no, but, i´m planing on rings about 0g because i think they offer the best of 2 worlds, they´re pretty and shiny and not to chunky and heavy. I what those rings to be fitted in my arms(wrists),my legs and in my neck, in a total of 5 rings. I know this will be a bit dificult to live with , but i really what to do it. I also would get "slave" nipple and genitalia rings, but i what children and i have to wait. I think body modifications are very important for people discover the truth feeling of being what they are. I couldn´t live without my piercings or tatoos, i really feel they are part of my body not just acessories like clothes or a pair of shoes. Most people think people like me should be locked up, they think "why is that for?", i really can´t aswer that , but i really think that if there were no pain involved in the process of getting a piercing, a percentage of people with piercings would be greater. But there´s a irony in all this. In ancient tribes, young people would get tatoos and other painfull forms of body modifications just to get a better social status, the guy with a biggest bone in the nose would be the lider and the women with a pierced labia or lips would be considered the most sexy thing around. In modern days, a guy with a rings hanging out the nose is a freack, a bad boy, no job for him , and the girl with her labret pierced is the slut of the block!!. In my own words i must be a slut or a freak, let it be that way, but it´s great that people like me and thousands of more may take this forms of body art modification right into the next century, keeping a long tradition in mankind. Thanks for reading a part of my live A modified female


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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