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my shiny silver appendage

was my sixteenth birthday. I was anxiously waiting for this day and finally it had arrived. So what did I do to celebrate? I paid someone to give me a puncture wound! Actually, that makes it sound like a bad thing.
Well, let's see, I was a bit nervous this morning when I realized that today was the big day. But then I was like "why am I freaking out? in a couple hours I'll have a shiny new metal appendage in my face!" (a lip ring in the centre that is). Then I left for school and had to face my teacher advisor who was being a bag telling me that I had to get a bunch of work done or I would be getting kicked out. I was like "okay, yup, I know, uh huh, yeah, ok, bye". Around eleven I tracked down my friend Jo and got my camera and we set off for SOS. We ended up missing our bus and taking an alternate route but we eventually got there about an hour later. I had to go to the bank first though to cash a check from my grandma. So I went to the bank and the girl was being a bitch and she said that since it wasn't my branch it would take about 5 days to get my money. Luckily there's a Money Mart next door so I cashed my check there, I still got $95 out of $100 so no big deal. Then we ran back across the street to SOS. I don't remember but I don't think it took more than 10 minutes to fill out the forms and for the piercer to get ready. Before I knew it I was sitting in the office and she was explaining everything to me while she took all the tools out of their autoclave packages. Not like I didn't already know the stuff since I'm always on BME. I think I started to annoy her a bit 'cause I kept interrupting her, I was just kind of nervous, I don't think I stopped talking all day. I asked her what gauge it was because she had neglected to tell me and she told me it was 14, I was kind of disappointed because I wanted 12 but I figured it was too late since she had already taken it out of the package and bent it. Anyway, she cleaned my chin with iodine then she marked the spot and asked me to check it out. I told her I thought it should be a bit more to the right so she marked another spot and then I was like "umm right between the dots". She looked at it again and I guess she thought it was ok so she clamped it (didn't hurt) and got the needle and she said "I'm not gonna tell you when I'm gonna push it through, just take a deep breath". I was like "okay" but I was watching her so I kinda knew when she was going to do it.

She stuck the needle through my lip (didn't  hurt, just felt like I burnt it with hot coffee or something) and grabbed the  jewelry and shoved it through which hurt a bit. Then she put the ball on which  hurt like a bitch 'cause she was having trouble closing it and the fact that I  was salivating all over her gloves probably didn't help the situation.

Oh yeah can't forget the Listerine, not reading my aftercare sheet I went to the nearest drug store and picked up some cool-mint Listerine. We hopped on the bus and then I read my sheet which said to only use Original Flavour because the additives in the mint crap will irritate my piercing. So, I asked the bus driver where the nearest drug store was and got off the bus to go pick up some more Listerine.

About an hour later I got back to my school and my  teacher gave me crap for getting my lip pierced. Then she went on to tell my  whole homeroom about how she got the top of her ear pierced when she was 16  and how everyone thought she was a freak because no one else did stuff like  that back then (she's like 40). And then she was like "what are you gonna do  when you're 30? you're gonna have a huge nasty scar and that's gonna hurt for  a couple months, blah blah blah.....". It was somewhat amusing though.
Oh  well, It is now about 10 hours later and it's not bugging me too much. All of  the tools she used and my jewelry were all taken out of their autoclave  packages in front of me and she changed her gloves a couple times so it's all  good. The only thing I can complain about is my ring because it's a bit  crooked from when she closed it. Umm like this  but not quite so much if that  makes any sense.

Day 2: I woke up at 5 this morning 'cause my lip was swollen and I felt like the ring was going to rip out. I got an ice pack and went back to bed. I guess I shouldn't have played with it so much last night! Right now it's about 4:20 (hehehe) in the afternoon and it doesn't hurt too much. It got kinda crusty during the day but I just cleaned it off with bio-septic when I got home and it's fine. Overall, I thought it was cool and if you're reading this and thinking of doing it, it doesn't hurt, unless you're a wimp about it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Mazi+%28I+think+that+was+it%2C+sorry+if+I%27m+wrong%29
Studio: Symbols+of+Strength
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta

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