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Medusa's in Sweden!!!

it was Summer and me and my entire creative writing class were on some sort of "getting-to-know-each-other-trip" in the small town Landskrona, in the extreme South of Sweden. Thing with Landskrona is, to me at least, that they´ve got quite a legendary tattooist over there, well legendary might be the wrong word, but the guy has a really good reputation. So, on the first day of this stupid excursion, me and my friend Kim finds our way to the studio (not too hard, if you're not as much an idiot as me). We get our tat´s, I got myself a nice little anarcho-kickass-wildcat on my right wrist, and Kim got himself some queer-positive triangles on both wrists. Tommy, as the artist is called was a really nice guy, and his skills with the needle and ink were absoutely superlative. Never ever have I recieved such a thorough all-black work in such a short time... But that's not what this story is about, not at all, the thing is, the next day, me, Kim and another of my classmates, Klara, were walking through the commercial centre of Landskrona (not very impressing, I can tell you that) and Klara were talking about how she wanted a ring through her bottom lip, but that she was afraid of the pain. Me and Kim, both devoted piercees, were trying with all our might to get her to do it, especially when we were in a town with such a great studio, and, lo and behold, our efforts did come to some conclusion when, she consended to do it, if she could watch somebody getting pierced first, just so she knew that it wouldn't kill her. So, walking to Riverside again, I was thinking about exactly where i wanted to put a needle through my bare skin... and suddenly it hit me, if Klara was going to pierce her lip, I should too, but the bottom lip? A bit too much metal in one place, i could get trouble talking.. ; Yeah, a Medusa piercing should hit the spot. We talked to the piercer and he told us that Klaras piercing would be no problem, but a hole in the middle of the upper lip? He had never done that before... A few Monroes (or mouches as they´re called over here), but a Medusa? He´d never even seen one! No problem said I, I'm sure you can do it, think of it me as a guineapig... The guy was still a little shaky about the project, he'd apparently never thought of the possibility of a customer walking in and asking for anything but the most boring piercings... but my hero, the inker from yesterday, Tommy came to my rescue, he told the piercing guy that hed seen a couple of piercings like the one I wanted done on MTV, so it was definitely possible. Situation sorted, i got up in the chair, got marked up and clamped. The guy had some problem with the increased saliva production, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. The actual sting of the needle wasn't as intense as my last piercings, but I guess that's why people get into stuff like scalpelling and branding... I've noticed that the pain from the clamps are almost constant, but for each time you get pierced, the pain from the needle is smaller and smaller. I mean, when i pierced my tongue, they told me it would hurt like hell, and it did, lovely! Later, when I was getting my nose done, they told me it would be worse. Don't think so. And the eyebrow? Piece of cake! Lip? HA! Oh, sorry, back to the story: My guy with the needle did have some problems fastening the ball to the labret plate, the saliva made it too slippery, but with the help of some tweezers and tissue it was allright. Then it was Klaras turn. She almost fainted. What can I say? Some people.... The healing process went fine, I had rather heavy swelling the first few days, but I've heard that Medusas always swell quite a lot, and the skin on the inside of my lip started embedding the plate. Fortunately not too much, but still a quite unpleasant discovery. Three weeks later, with the healing over and done, it was time to start thinking about new jewellery. A shiny ball is quite boring, don't you think, so I opted for a really short silver spike that I had since earlier. Changed to it, and realized that saliva really IS a problem with Medusa's... The spike was short enough, allright, but it was a little too broad to be up to my standards (petty perfectionist I!) I did leave it in, as it did look better than the standard steel ball. A few weeks later I actually found the kind of spike I was looking for at Copenhagen Body Extremes, a studio that I've got nothing but respect for. well that's the end of my story. hope i haven't bored you to death.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+really+remember...
Studio: Riverside+Tattoos
Location: Landskrona%2C+Sweden

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