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why i like piercings

like piercings? I really don´t know why!!!. Each people have diferent reasons to get piercings or tatoos. It´s true piercings are coming from the dark ages to the modern world, and more and more people are getting some part pierced, and some of those people aren´t freack or punks, many are important people, movie stars, rock stars and so on. I don´t live in UK or the States here piercings are really popular and most of the teens have something pierced. I live in Portugal where piercings are very unpopular(but plastic cosmetic cirgury is very in), there is only one shop in all country that makes piercings, and the only piercing that seems to catch on is the navel, that became popular in my country thanks to a top model that had one. I´m 21 years old boy, i study i university and i must say i´m very tradicional in my looks. My first introdution to piercings was when i was about 7 or 8 years old, my older sister got her ears pierced in a mall, i was very young but i remember that it was the first time i regret being a boy, not that i whated to be a girl, but i really would like to get my ears pierced as well, but being a boy that wasn´t possible. I grow up and by my 16´s started to show up many boys with an pierced ear, but they were considerate criminals and bad boys and even gays, so i never get then pierced. 4 years ago i got the corage to let my hair grow, and since it just covered my ears i decided to get then pierced, so i did, i got 1 stud in the right and my parents didn´t see it i end up getting 2 holes in each ear. For a while everything was cool i always let the hair cover my ears and nobody could see my small silver rings which i only put when i left my house. One day when i was in the sofa my mom push my hair back and she saw the small holes in my ear and ask me if it was what she was thinking and i had to say yes, but i say also i regret pierced then and i would never use earings again, so she was not ok but we never talked about it again. I cut my hair and my holes end up closing. Two years ago i decided to accept the invitation of one of my best childhood friends to spend my 2 months holidays in is home near London. It was about 6 years since my friend and his parents moved away to UK. When i arrived at the aeroport my friend(Carlos) was waiting for me, and to my suprise he was quite diferent, my imediate attention was to his ears, he had litelary really big holes in his ears with tick rings hanging inside, i was really shocked by that, and imediatly i started to ask in all kinds of stupid questions about it, and i told he had more piercings, like is tongue and the navel. I soon realized piercings were some what comum in the UK, even my friends mom had a little nostril piercing. All of Carlo friends were very nice, but i really fall in love with a girl(Pat) that was beutifull and had eyebrow and labret pierced. The holidays were going very well, london is a real cool city, one day Pat told me that she was getting her tongue pierced and since i was so interested in piercings she invited me to go. It was the most exciting thing i had ever saw, she got her tongue pierced with a large needle and she was as cool as ever, not a word, a cry, nothing in a ritual that i find very primitive, very exciting. I had to try it, just to get the feeling of it, to be part of it. I decided to get my labret pierced because i really loved the looks in Pat , so i signed the paper , payed the man, and choosed a barbell with a simple ball, and there i was siting in the chair, really nervous, he marked the spot below my lip, clamped, i closed my eyes and waited for the pain, and there it was pain for about 1 second , when i open my eyes i could see my face in the mirror on the wall , i was pierced and i love it. The healing went well and i never actually told my parents i had it done, and the rest of the hollidays i keep the piercing, but as the day to return was coming i realized that i had to take it out because my parents would never understand. It has one of the most sad days of my live, i keep the piercing as long i could, actualy i took the piercing out in the plane bathroom. Being so dawn estupid and weak to face my parents ,the only thing i have now is a small spot below my lip and the barbel wich i hope to put it back where it belong some day. About a month ago, i found out BME site and the piercing urge come back again(not that it ever forget it), i saw all the piercings , read the experiences and i had to get something pierced or i just went mad, so i choose to get my frenum pierced because it´s hiden and it´s said it´s easy to pierced. Being a shy guy i decided to do it myself, so i got a new needle, prepared myself and last night in my room i did it. Looked for a clean skin, and pushed the needle at the 3º time and i was pierced, insert my lip barbel(not the best jewely i know), simple as that. I woke up today with no blood but had to clean the barbell with water. I´m really in love with piercings and i what to get facial piercings , like streech ears, my lip, and setpum, but i´m a wuss and i don´t have the guts to face my parents. If you what to know more write to : zztt@netzero.pt


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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