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o this I decided on after my eyebrow (see "Eyebrow@Cliffs"). I didnt really know that I wanted this one right away, it was kind of a spur of the moment type of thing. 2 weeks after my eyebrow I decided I was hooked and needed another one. I decided on labret but I knew it would take a little persuading of my mother or father, but it was easier than I though it would be.I asked her one day and the next she said yes. Tues-Today was the research day, I went on the web (BME) and did some research on piercing, aftercare, and jewelry. I also E-Mailed some people from the experiences section and they were also very helpful. Wed-Asked mom to let me get it done and to take me ASAP (expecting a fight, but did not get one). We agreed that Thursday we would go to Cliffs and pick up the forms needed and get them notarized, and the piercing would be done on Friday because mom had to work Thursday. Thurs-I get home from school and go to Cliffs. When we get there John (my piercer) knew immediatly what I wanted as I told him that I would be back in to get my labret pierced when my friend got his tattoo 4 days earlier. He handed me the sheet and we were on are way to get it Notarized. We stopped at MailBoxes ETC. because they have a notary and thats where I got it notarized last time., Friday-TODAY'S THE DAY... I get home from school and anxiously yell at mom that it was time to go. She agreed, and off we go to Cliffs with notarized letter in hand. We got there in about 10 mins, when we arrived there was no customers in the studio so he told me to come in the piercing area. He explained the jewelry he would be using, 14ga labret stud (standard). He then asked me to go rinse with listerin in the bathroom, so I did. When I came out he had all the tools out (in their packages). He explained to me everything was sterile and asked me to check by it out, everything was fine. He pulled out his marker and made the first dot on the outside of my lip (just below the pink part of lip), and asked me to see if placing was ok. I happily said yes and on w/the piercng. He got the tools ready by putting the tip of the needle in Bacitracin, he clamped my lip (didnt hurt), put the needle up to the reverse side of my lip, said take a deep breath and Pinch, it went through, no problem, no pain just a little tiny pinch when the needle went through and nothing when the jewelry went through. It was nothing, I opened my eyes and there it was, it was great. He asked me if I was o.k., i stood up, he explained aftercare (bactine on outside 2 times daily,glyoxide on inside 2 times daily for 3 moths, and ICE ICE ICE and more ICE for 3 days), I payed him and left. The rest of the day was fine, very swollen a little ache but nothin bad, I just kept sucking on ice. Saturday-VERY SWOLLEN, so swollen I could'nt see the jewelry on the inside of my lip, and it hurt very bad, so I cleaned it and sucked on ice. By the middle of the day I decided (using common sense and the knowledge I got from BME) that there was something wrong, so I called the piercer and he asked me to stop by. One hour later I showed up in Cliffs with a swollen lip and a cup of ice, he looked at it and gasped. The jewelry he used was too short and it made my lip swell up even more. He apologized relentlessly and changed the jewelry (since I knew him very well and he was a cool guy who made an honest mijudgement it was o.k.).I went home and immediatly felt relief. Sunday-Everything fine, no pain but still swollen. I ate normally.Constantly sucking ice. Monday-Everything even better, no pain and swelling went down a lot. Still sucking on ice though, and I got a lot of great comments at school (everybody loved it and I was the first to get it). Tuesday-THE BEST, no pain, little to no swelling, ate normally. Everyone still loved it. 5 Months later- EVERYTHING great, changed jewelry a few times and went to 12ga, soon to go to 10ga. In the end I highly recommend this piercing to anyone thinking about it. But make sure the place is sterile and the get some info on his experience too. Nick


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Cliffs+Tattoos+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Patchouge+NY

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