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The scrumper of Davus

.5714 (sorry about the date but just know this date is the day of the first update in Nov and the No's cycle up from here). I may as well start with all the boring crap full of cheesy jokes that are beyond everything... I am 15, male and from the Northwest of England. This is a place where the sea is gunge, the pollution-induced clouds are five miles thick, it rains quite a bit and, more to the point, the only people with piercings or tattoos are the scally-types (AKA townies, ruffians, annoying, self-righteous dicks, etc.) so there is an image of someone who gets any of these that parents have hammered into their heads from a young age. So, as you have probably noticed, I have an obsession with hyphens and my parents don't like the idea of piercing. As well as the image there is, my Dad is a doctor and is director of one of the biggest departments in the biggest hospital in the NW and is 'perfect'. Obviously I have asked many a time but of course they said no..... Not only did they say no, but also they threatened to sue the piercer if I did get anything done behind their backs. You can see this as a problem to someone who is obsessed with the whole body modification idea. So I looked long and hard for something I could get done without them knowing (as I knew they were just going to refuse everything I asked for). I had a stupid tongue web (see my tongue lengthening thing, you'll know which one's mine) but I had it cut to get it pierced. It has only been healed for a short time now and I am waiting for the time to get it done. As I looked, I found the scrumper piercing growing on me, as I like to be different, and I didn't think anyone else would know about it. All the other piercings I have considered seriously being able to get, I had told someone and it had never happened. This time I wasn't sure if I was going to do it but I felt that it was going to happen all the time. Eventually the time came. I told my mum I had to go into Liverpool to get hair dye (the worst excuse ever, but she believed me and it was also an excuse to get a tiny bit of money and travel just to go in for and hour). So I went, with £25 (piercings seem to be cheaper here than in America) to get it done. When I arrived I still wasn't sure if I was going to do it but I asked and they said OK and I waited to be seen to (I sort of butted in because you usually need an appointment but I couldn't wait). I thought hard about it while I was outside: mainly about my excuse, but also about crossing the line between a normal boy who is expected 10 A*'s at GCSE (supposedly the best grades) into who I want to really be. I love thinking about that subject of 'transmogrification', which is what I call it, or 'the becoming'. I love it ALL and you would probably be surprised at how into it a 15 year-old can be. Well, just wait. If only you knew what or who I am and what I will become. That was a bit off the point but I will write something about my interests eventually. So I was faced with a man, and stuff happened and he put antiseptic on and told me about the saliva gland stimulation and all and I was left for it to work. I was going to tell him that anaesthetics don't work well on me for some reason (you'll see if you read my tongue bit) but I decided not to tell him as I think my pain tolerance has risen (not that it was too low in the first place) so I let him go ahead with it. I watched the piercer get all the equipment ready and sterilise all the jewellery and stuff and finally I was ready. I spit out what I thought was a small amount of saliva but turned out to be gallons of the stuff, which made me laugh a bit and he sat me down. The procedure was pretty quick: He put in the needle and taper and accidentally stabbed my lip. The guy who numbed it told me I wouldn't feel it at all; I did, but it didn't hurt, what happened later was more amazing. Anyway, he finished the piercing, showed it to me, and I washed it and that was it. It cost me £20 and I got a 12guage ring (it may be 14ga but it looks too thick). I was waiting for the endorphin rush but I don't think it exists for me, unless I have a permanent rush every time I think about piercing, which is probably more true. I got home and had a regular sandwich and a salt water rinse (I am used to it after the tongue thing) and it didn't hurt a bit; my mum didn't notice (I'm surprised; actually she said she noticed the swelling once she found out about it) and everything seemed peachy. And it was. In the first week, only four or five of my close friends were shown it, then I went to Spain and now I am back at school, my brother noticed it when I came back from Spain and pointed it out so that's how my mum found out about it. My mum now knows that I am obsessed and I think they are dealing with it; unless my dad is at the moment hiring all the best lawyers to take legal action against someone. It is now two and a half weeks in, very nearly healed (although I could easily move it around with no pain the same day; it's just jerks that hurt) but I think it is migrating. GODDAMMIT! I'll have to get it redone along with something else, which I won't tell you about for obvious reasons. Extra notes: All of the people at the Palace were cool and friendly and they know what they're doing. If you live in England and know this site PLEASE E-mail me cos I only know of one English persons experience and a few pics from the London Piercing Clinic. If you have finished reading this story/essay/biography of my life then congratulations. You should congratulate yourself and go get at least one piercing. I'll be back: to those of you who have read this now, expect a lot more.(that's enough of the cheese now). I apologise if there is any stupid mistakes or something sounds wrong. I suppose I could say: I Disclaim Everything But there isn't anything to disclaim. Thanks for reading this [line] and if you read the experience thank you very much.


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on: 06 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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