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Below my lower lip...

wanted my labret pierced for about 2 years before I actually got it done. It all started when I saw this woman with a really cool labret piercing and I thought it was gorgeous, but the thought of actually having it done never entered my mind until just before the summer of '99 started. Being 16 at the time, I had no idea that there was a place in St. John's that would do that for me at this age. Then when I met my now boyfriend Ben, who himself has 6 piercings, I learned that the semi-new shop that had reccently opened downtown had a legal age of 16. I got really excited and on the day I was going to get my pay check, I was so nervous and afraid, yet excited at the same time and I kept pinching my lip area(I had been told if you pinch the area that you are going to get pierced, the pain will be nowhere to the equivalent of that)and my boyfriend thought I wasn't going to go through with it. But, I proved him wrong! I got to the shop, which I must say is impecably clean, and Lori is a complete doll(although she no longer works there), and we talked while she went back and got the jewlery sterilized. Then it was time, and after donning yet another pair of gloves, she marked the place where the labret was going to be , and it was placed lower than usual for some reason, I can't remember the reason she gave me for this, and then I closed my eyes(while my boyfriend who loves watching leaned in close so he could see real clear) and I felt a tiny bit of pressure and then a bit of heat, and I looked in the mirror and I had a 12gauge needle in my face and it was so cool and made me real happy, although I was really surprised I wasn't on the floor crying and bleeding! Then she shoved the jewlery through and told me the aftercare, and gave me mouthwash to rinse with. Not a bit of pain or discomfort for the whole thing! I had a bit of trouble eating, as the first thing I tried to eat were Sour Patch kids candy and it stuck my teeth together and the back of the labret kept getting caught on my teeth and that really hurt! Several months later, I don't even know its there! It healed beautifully, although when I get bored I tend to play with it and I've stretched it a little bit. My parents got really mad and threatened to sue Next Wave, and because of this, they won't pierce me anymore, and they're asking everyone who comes in if they're over 18. My parents also tried to make me take it out, but I won't, and they won't sue Next Wave unless they pierce me again, BUT, come August 2000 I will be 18 and I'm getting my nipples done then. I've gotten all sorts of comments such as "eeew, that looks like a big silver zit" to "thats really damn sexy looking", so if you like it, go get it done! Also, make sure you have a really nice damn piercer! Lori made me feel great! Make sure you can feel like you can ask them ANYTHING about the piercing you're getting, without feeling like a morron. I asked Lori the stupidest things(so stupid I can;t recall them actually), but she was so nice about it they didn't feel stupid. I paid $65 for my labret, and yes, that is pricy, especially compared to other places across North America, BUT, Next Wave is the only piercing shop in the province of Newfoundland, besides Tectonics, but they only do over 18's, and they're also a hair salon! I don't know, but something turns me off about getting pierced at a hair salon...and plus they're also more expensive than Next Wave, at this period in time when I got my labret pierced I think they were charging $80, and for that much they woulnd't even let people choose their own jewlry! Main point here? GO TO NEXT WAVE IF YOU'RE GETTING PIERCED IN THE ST JOHN'S AREA! My boyfriend swears by it! He has had his nipple, eyebrow, traggus, labret, nose and ear pierced there. Another thing I feel to look for in your piercer, is the fact that they're pierced too! I find its a bit odd if you had a piercer with not one piercing...I don't know...that would make me quite uneasy! And also, good places should have portfolois doccumeting their artists' work! Next Wave has a very impressive portfolio I might add...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Lori
Studio: Next+Wave
Location: St.+John%27s%2C+Newfoundland.

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