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~*~my sexy labret and MuCh more~*~

and ave, my name is Megan also known as... Dark Charm.~* I live in the horrid state of Texas and I will hopefully become a pro. piercer soon...The following is a experience of my labret and my future as a body piercer.... I've totally been into body modification for about three years now. I have had two tongue, three brows, monroe, button, nose...too many to name ...My favorite was my labret. I had always done my own belly button and eye brow piercing but I really wanted to try a facial...more or less, lip. I get excited and turned on by body modification. (tatts, piercings, etc.) Tonight (he he) I plan on doing my hood..I'm going to check out experiences and pictures (god bme rocks, always there for me..keep up the good work!) and make sure I want it ...So my labret expierence will turn into a hood experience.. hopefully. So one day Im listening to Coal Chamber talking on the phone and my best friend says, "you would look Kick ass with a labret ring" I say "no shit.." "yeah you should do it." she replies. I totally start thinking about it day in and day out. I glue little silver balls on my chin and look in mirrors to see if I would look good (call me silly but it works).. the whole nine yards.. and look what it led to... I jump in my piece of $hit car and head down the road I stop at the place I buy my jewelry and needles and kick ass clothes..not to metion my huge porn star stickers..lol.. I bought some clamps and a 14 gauge needle. I had already had a labret ring from my former lip piercing, monroe so that saved me some cash. Before leaving the store the lady, who knew me personally, said "didnt you just pierce your eyebrow?" I was like "yeah" "you did a really good job" she replied.. We began talking and she asked me If I wanted to set up a shop in her store.. I was so stoked. I thought "my own mini piercing parlor...woo" I went home and started calling every body piercing place I knew. I started with Taurian Body Piercing in Houston TX. They were great..he told me I can open a shop but i should get more experience, he gave me a number to a placed called Gotham..(I believe that was the name) I called and asked about the seminars and they take place in San Fran. Cali. Well next year Im headed that way and soon I will open my own shop. I was really, really excited as I noticed my future was changing before my eyes. After leaving the phone I could not wait any longer, I headed for my bathroom and opened my little clear baggy..I was so ready to pierce myself after all the news I couldnt wait. I put on my plastic gloves (boy I hate the way those gloves taste :P) and rinsed my mouth with antiseptic, then marked my lip while my labret ring soaked in the antiseptic. I put the clamps centering the markings I made, and tightened it with a rubber band. I took the needle from the wrapping and began piercing it very slowly from the inside of my lip out, while holding the clamps taunt and steady. My mother watched and cringed as I pierced. I went slow and it bled a bit. I love pain but there wasnt much. I removed the clamps slowly not to hit the needle. I grabbed the labret post and slipped it into the end of the needle and pulled the needle through while looking into the mirror in amazment. I screwed on my ball (he he) and smiled, It was beautiful. I cleaned my mess and smiled in to the mirror every 5 seconds adoring my new silver. That night I had wonderful dreams and aspirations of my future piercings. I recomend this piercing to everyone..its easily managed and I had no speech problems, swelling was very scarce. The healing process in total :::counts:: umm.. about 7 weeks. I did not have to eat certin foods or anything of that nature. During the healing process it felt almost like a cold sore. I will soon get pictures of my piercings for BME. Next year Im taking seminars so I can pierce pro. If you have any questions about my piercings I can help. E mail me... i2agelust@aol.com .... tongue, monroe, labret, ::counts:: one, two, three ears, button, both brows,both nipples, and soon to be hood ... thanks for letting me chat! I Love BME! (( sorry if I have any mis-spelled words I dont have spell check)) P.s. have fun and pierce till your hearts content ~dark charm~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: My+home
Location: TX

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