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I got a vertical labret piercing today!

I got this idea this morning that I wanted to get my labret pierced, alas, vertically. I get these impulses, and then I have to go do whatever it happens to be. I don't know, I guess that's a weakness or something. This happened a year and a half ago when I got the "impulse" to pierce my tongue. I like it so much and the pain was so minimal that I was bent on getting another, and it had to be something creative. I've never seen anyone with a vertical labret piercing, which kind of turned me on to it. I saw a few pics at BME, and I was like, wow. Must get that. And, yes, yes I did. So I drove over to Loonar Piercing in Hadley, Mass at around 3 (I think) today. Why Loonar? Uh, there really isn't too much of a selection around here. Anyway, I liked their had. It was all for clean needles and First Aid and CPR and fixing their competitors' mistakes for free. Okay, I guess I really liked the photo of the little chubby angel baby with his tongue all sticking out. That was cool. Loonar was very casual, which was groovy. I'm afraid of those industrial type freaky piercing joints, so I was relaxed. And they had fish (in a tank, mind you). That was cool. I talked to Ben about getting my labret vertically pierced. Ben warned me that it could be messy - drinking and all - and that there's some muscle there or something that could get nasty. I guess it also takes a while to heal (like, three months) so that could be a problem for some people. Plus he said he had gotten his lip pierced before, and took it out for some reason or another. I thought about it for maybe two minutes, then I decided to go for it. Hell, why not? Ben had some cool tattoos,so I was like, do me up! Ben went and prepared in the back, while I pretended to be nervous. I really wasn't though. It was quiet when I walked in there (Ben was reading some text book) but I guess when he pierces he has to have his tunes. So this really funny hardcore came blasting through these speakers. Ha ha. I was then summoned into his lair. I went in the back, sat down, gargled with that ghetto Listerene crap, and Ben marked my lip and chin. This took awhile, which was cool because he wanted it to be all lined up or whatever, so he had do redraw the little purple dots a couple of times. He had me check it out before he pierced me. I thought it looked rad. I forget what gauge he put it. I wanted something small, so it's either 16 or 14. I sat on my hands before he shoved the needle in. I was calm, for one reason or another. I breathed deeply, exhaled, and....voila. I'd have to say it hurt, but like, only for a second, especially when the needle went through the top of my bottom lip. Ouch. I could totally feel that one. The whole procedure cost 60 bucks, by the way. It annoys me that the jewelery is so damn expensive...the procedure itself was only 30 or 35. Aaarrrgghh. (Oh, and if you have no idea what a verticle labret looks like, here's a brief description: it goes from the top of your bottom lip to your chin, where a horizontal labret would be. You can cover the top one with your bottom lip, so that it just kinda looks like a regular old labret piercing. There's basically a little silver ball on your bottom lip and another in your chin. It's way cool.) I felt pretty good after the piercing, and went to CVS to get the shit I needed for the aftercare - Listerene, hydrogen peroxide (although I think I was supposed to get something else), Dial soap, and some ointment crap beginning with a B. I forget the name of that one. I got a lot of stares. That makes me laugh. It's now 7ish, and there isn't any pain at all, which makes me nervous cause I'll probably wake up with some massive blood clot or something. Anyhoo, it's weird having this thing in my lip, but I think it looks groovy and I really like it. I suppose we'll see how much I like it a few months from now. I did drink, with a straw, but I don't think I'll dribble as much as Ben warned me. It's kind of like when I got my tongue pierced, but on my lip and not inside my mouth. That's all I can say for now, though, and I hope it helped somewhat.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Ben
Studio: Loonar+Piercing
Location: Hadley%2C+Mass

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