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Hole through my face!

being of only one piercing (tounge) for two years, I figured that it was time to get another hole pushed through my skin. I didn't even have my ears pierced, they had just never healed properly and I had given up on them years and years ago. After much dleiberation I decided on a labret for no particular reason other than I thought they looked pretty damn spiffy. I went to King of Fools because they had been so good to me in the past, (I had previously aquired an splendid tatto from Corey). This is an amazing place. The people are more than friendly. I have experienced in the past, going into studios and being treated rather snottily because I wasn't covered in piercings and visable tattoo's. This is not the case here. From the first time I walked in I was treated with respect and kindness. They don't mind answering every little question that your brain has and then some. It's one of those places where you can go in, see the studio, see the artists work, ask about prices and then walk out to think about it, without feeling daggers in your back as you do so. I really can't say enough good stuff about this place so check it out if you are in the Church and Wellesley area! So, I now had managed to scrape the money togeter and I was ready to add something to my face. I wandered in with the support of my roomate and I told Ryan what I wanted. He grinned evilly and I filled out the appropriate paperwork (which apparently also gives him rights to my living soul, but hey what can you do?)and then it was needle time! I sat down in the special silver piercing/ t.v.watching chair and watched Ryan do his thing. I observed all the sterile packaging, listened to the speel and awaited the moment with much anticipation. The only thing that I was really nervous about was the clamp. When I had my tounge done the clamp was put on insanly tight, and not having anything to compare to, I assumed this was the norm. I was pleasently surprised to find out that this was not so, and the clamp was just fine. Ryan told me that the piercing, seeing as it is going through a layer of muscle can feel very warm, and this turned out to be the case. He marked the spot, I okayed it, he lined up the needle, counted to threem and away we went. The piercing it's self was as close to painless as I can imagine. The only uncomfortable part was the drawing of the dot on my face, and that was just a personal space issue. I was told that I pulled it off nicely. The healing period was a breeze. I experienced some discomfort from the back of the jewlery rubbing against my lower gum, but after a day or two the skin toughened up and it was fine. My aftercare consisted of swishing with saltwater after I ate or drank anything, and swabbing around the exterior with a Q-tip and more salt water. I basically kept this up untill I didn't feel like doing it anymore, and while I know this is not god piercing practice, it's what I did and it still worked out dandy. The only time that I experienced real pain surring the healing was when I caught it on my sweater, getting dressed, but that doesn't really count, now does it? I took much better care of it than I did my tounge and it paid off in the end. All in all I have had a good reaction from the general public on this facial piercing. A few homless men have asked me if it hurt, a small child pointed to me and informed her mother that she wanted one, my father ignored it comletly, and my mother just said, "Oh dear." but has been over all accepting. A positive experience in total. Since it healed, I took to grabbing the back with my teeth and holding it there. This produced some streaching, and though sort of icky, a side effect of this was that sometimes my chin gets a little drool covered. On the bright side, I can now breath through this hole and squirt liquids, which is a great party trick. Since I have been activly trying to leave the back of the jewlery alone, the hole has gotten much smaller and I think it will fix it's self. So I guess the moral to this disjointed little tale is that this is a piercing that I love and it was such a positive experience that it won't be long untill I repeat it in some form or another. Hey my picture even made it into the almighty photo album. What more could a girl want?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Oct. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Ryan
Studio: King+of+Fools
Location: Toronto%2C+Ont.

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