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Lip piercing experience

s been almost a year ago since I have pierced my lip and have always ment to submit my experience to help others but unfortunatly never got around to it. I have submited my experience about getting my tongue periced close to a year ago (some of you might notice that I have a difference email account now, it was FireFairy2@hotmail.com) Oct 28th 1998 at 8pm was my appointment to get my lip peirced. I was asked to babysit that night and when I turned it down my parents knew something was up so I told them that I thought I riped my tongue and wanted him to check and that was the only time he could which wasn't compleatly a lie, I thought I had riped it a little bit but I was going there to get my lip peirced. When my parents first saw it my mom yelled and my dad just walked away and din't speak to me for a week (my parents didn't like it when i got the second and third holes in my ear lobes when i was 14). My dad also called the peircer the next day becuase at the time I was only 17 and you have to be 18 to get peirced and my dad threatened to charge him, I was happy that he didn't because I did lie about my age but it was his fault not not asking to see any proof. I had been to Steve's (A.K.A. Uncle Albert) studio a few times before for jewlery for my tongue becuase at the time it was the only place which offered body jewlery, which was a hasell becuase Callender is a small town next to mine (North Bay, also a small town) To anyone that doesn't know Steve you would have no idea that he was into this sort of stuff becuase he is a retired english teacher with an english accent but none the less in my opinion he is a nice guy and a great peircer, he helps you remain calm threw out the entire experience and will do whatever he can to make you feel more comfortable. Anyways on to the pericing before this gets to long. When I got there he had me fill out the usualy paper work, he also had a list of questions I had to answer such as if I was pregnant, if I was diabetic, if I was taking and medicane and a bunch of other questions before he lead be up to the peircing room. We talked a little while as he prepared his things needed. I had decided before hand that I wanted my lower left side of my lip peirced and he began disinfection my lip, inside and out and marked it and asked for my aproval before continuing on. He gave me a hand mirror so I could watch him if I wanted too. Steve clamped my lip and asked me how I was doing, and if the clamps felt ok and not to tight. At this point I decided to be brave and watch him to it. The needle went threw smothly. Watching the needle enter my body and come out the other side was the most amazing thing I have ever sean in my life. Altought the needle did hurt it wasn't to bad, what hurt the most was the ring going threw, it pinched alot but hefore be inserted the jewlery he asked me if I was ok and I kinda mumbled yes and he warned me that the jewlery was a bit worst and that it would pinch but it only lasted a second. The ball went on easily and I was cleaned again.
The aftercare was simple enough, anything I ate anything or had anything to drink I rinced with sea salt water and about 4 times a day I cleaned the outside with bactine. I love my cute little ring threw my lip, I have been playing with it none stop since it has healed but unfortunatly I live in a small, closed minded city which makes employment hard to find. I looked for months for any kind of job without any luck but about 4-5 months ago I was interviewed by the manager of a conveince store in my town and she never once staired at my peircings or even make any remarks about them. There hasn't been a single person yet that has complained to Kim, the manager about them (that I know of). Since I began working there I have periced my tragus, inner conch, nipple and just a few hours ago I had my first surface/unusual peircing done, I finaly got what I have been wanting for what seams like forever, my madison which is pure beauty. As soon as I have time I will submit my other experiences. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me and I will reply as soon as I can. Happy Peircing


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: Uncle+Alberts
Location: Callender%2C+Ontario

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