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Good but painful lip

it all started after I got my eyebrow pierced when I was 13..now being 15 I wanted every piercing in the world, but the only thing standing in the way was my mom...so after bugging her constantly she finally gave in..right now the only piercing on my mind was the lip..I had thought about many places to get it done and lots of my friends had gotten it at this leather/piercing place so I decided to go there not really knowing what to expect out of the whole thing... It was October 8 1999 and today i was going to get my lip pierced, I was running around school telling all my friends I was gonna get it done, and no one believed me.. i asked anyone and everyone to go with me, everyone seemed to have alternate plans..after annoying everyone in site, 2 of my friends finally said they'd go (we were a pretty odd group of kids of you'd seen us, not the kind of people youd think would be good friends)...so..I rushed home and got my money and we were off, I didnt really get nervous because I had been through this 3 times already and it only kicks in when i actually get there...ok ok so now we're on the 22 clark bus and its taking forever, im sitting on the bus and 2 stops later i panic and realize we passed the place..by now i thought i was never gonna ge tit done because nothing had gone right all day.. but we finally get there about 10 mins after the place opens at 4:00..I had never been to this place before but it had the most amazing selection of jewelry I had ever seen..meanwhile my friends were laughing their asses off at the leather selection or spikes and straps and other odds and ends if you know what i mean, something their definatly not used to seeing, but it was just same old same old to me...while they were busy cackling I saw the guy and told him i wanted my lip pierced, he said hed be with me soon, someone else was getting there tongue pierced..we waited for the longest half hour and now i was nervous, and listening to Ricky Martin and Mariah Carey in the backround sure didnt help either... Finally we were ready, he walked me back in a small room and my friends came with me, he complimented me on my hair several times (i have liberty spikes)..he asked me where i wanted it and i said to the lower right side..it took him a while to pick out a ring, and finally he choose a 16g ring, small but it would lessen the swelling process (even tho i wanted a 12g)..he did the usual and got all prepared, marked the spot, got the clamps and told me to take a deep breath (he said it wouldnt hurt much more than my eyebrow did..little did know) so i took my breath and he pushed the needle through quickly (from the inside out), the initial piercing didnt hurt THAT bad, but I felt it go through the layers of skin in my lip which was quick but seemed to go in slow motion..he got the ring ready and the needle was just hanging in my lip..i saw my friends faces in the mirror across from me, their eyes popping out...the pain then kicked in when he put the ring in, it felt like someone was stepping on my lip, TONS of pressure..but dont get me wrong it wasnt like a deathly pain or anything just uncomfortable..he told me to rinse with sea salt and/or mouth wash..(im using the sea salts now which are great for healing)anyways..so it was all over now, i was VERY VERY happy with it, it looked great, best thing i had ever done aside from the little pain....so i paid him tipped him and then we left..while we were at the bus stop he ran down the street with a camera cause he wanted to take my picture..i wasnt to happy with this but i let him take it anyway..and then we were gone.... So now its 2 days later and it hurts..sucking on ice makes it feel alot better, and eating is kinda complicated, so is drinking out of a cup..its a little swollen but not noticable at all..and at times it even feels a little numb..and the pain and sorta increased with each passing day..itll take getting used to, (hopefully), but im very happy with it and there wil definatly be mroe to come, maybe even a second lip! -Annie


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Perkins
Studio: Eagle+Leathers
Location: Chicago%2C+IL

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