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2nd piercing

name is myke and this is my story (sort of my real world/road rules type of introduction) ok im not gonna bore you here it is. Well about two months ago i went to a piercing shop with my brother to get his tongue pierced and i ended up getting my eyebrow pierced. I was kinda freaked out about it at first but i got over it. Thats a different story though if you want to read it go to the eyebrow section of BMEzine.com and go to the story section under the title "my first hole in my head" (although i should worn you its sort of a boring story). Well that one piercing in my eyebrow got me into piercing so im like always looking up info on the subject now. I know the guy who did my first piercing and he knows that i love the whole experience now so he wasn't really suprised when i showed up for another hole in my face. I believe his exact words were "your hooked to the whole freakish lifestyle now right?". I had to reaply with a big smile and say "hell yeah and you know it" When i got there this time i was comfertable and really wasn't having any problems. So he just put the tissue paper down and clamped me then one sharp pain, nothing bad it felt sort of like...how could i put it like biting your lip. I think i was more in pain when i got my eye brow pierced but it was only because it was my first time. One thing i say is dont be afraid of the pain because its not gonna hurt if you dont think its gonna hurt. Then he put a ring in and told me that it would be easier to clean if i had a ring so i didnt argue. For the guys one thing thats cool is that gurlz always want to kiss you just to see if it makes a difference (although i really dont see what it would change, unless it was a tongue ring). One thing that i get is "do you have trouble eating?" kind of a stupid questions but i usually tell them im fasting just to shup em up. Also one cool question i was asked was "can you still say tongue twisters" it was from my 7 year old cousin i thought it was something that no one else would have ever asked so i figured i'd put it on here. The healing progress, it seem's to be going pretty fast i mean ive had it for about a week and a half and it atleast looks healed, but i figure i gotta wait atleast a month or so. All i do is wash my mouth out with mouthwash and water, sort of like a tongue piercing. One the outside i just wash it out with like liquid dial. Really the only concern's i had about the piercing was about the soft skin on the inside of my mouth, because my friend went to some shop in bakersfield (i wont name, names) and the guy there dropped the niddle through his lip and the hole on one side of his lip was thicker than the other. So i was like really worried about getting all jacked up and having a big scar on my face. Then i remembered that i could trust shawn cuz ive known his for a while and he doesnt seem like the kinda guy who would mess up. Well here i'd like to comment on BMEZINE.com first i have to give much prop's to the maker(s) of this site because it kicks very much ass. ive known about it for a few months and it has quickly become one of my fav's fo sho bro. Nice pic's (ive tried and tried to put my pics on the site but my scanner is acting like a dick and doesnt want to work anymore) kick ass stories ive read like almost all of them in every section. As you can tell i have a really lot of time on my hands. Also its kinda hard to find a site that provides stuff like the healing sections and jewelry section picture section and story's all in one. Usually they have like one or two of those things but never together. If you want to know more about my piercing just iM me or e-mail me at screen name GrAvity15 and e-mail address [email protected] also if you want to know more about the shop Naked Al's in Bakersfield California. Like if you need to know the exact location and times they are open and closed i got it all, and he asked for prop's so here they are the piercer guy "the dude that puts holes in people" shawn "skeet" walker


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: ShAwN
Studio: Naked+Al%27s
Location: Bakersfield+Ca.

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