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My VERY first *REAL* piercing....

e been into piercing ever since my mom took me in sixth grade to get my first hole in my lobes done. I despised the gun and ended up with an infection from it. From then on, I have pierced myself. So far, I have had up to 10 holes in my left ear and 5 in my right. At the moment there is only 8 and 4, but I plan on getting many more. I asked my dad if he would sign for me so I could get an industrial. Being 15 and not wanting to go to a non-professional place, I had to get his permission. He finally agreed. The nite before we went, I popped the question about getting my labret pierced instead. He was unsure for awhile, but after a little convincing (and promising to work for him for 2 hours a day for a week!) he finally agreed. I was very, very surprised that he had even agreed. He is a very conservative person and can not stand the way I dress and hates the fact that I even have more than one hole in my ears. But I do think that he understands to some extent that I will do it anyway and it is better if he just gives me permission. I was so ecstatic all day at school. Everyone thought I was on drugs or something being I am not a usually happy person. So after school, I went down to my dad's business and waited as patiently as I could for 2 HOURS!!! Finally he had all of his stuff taken care of and we could leave to go to Saginaw. We walked into Old Town, waited a little longer, talked to Jim, and signed some stuff. Then I picked out the jewelry. I went with a 12 gauge because I like the bigger size. My only other choice was the 14 and there really was not that big of a difference anyway. It seemed to take forever while we were waiting for Jim to get everything ready in the back. We later found out that he had went and got something to eat because his hands were so shaky. Jim finally came out into the waiting room and told me to come on back. We started to go into the back and my dad said, "Make it hurt." I think he was joking for the most part, but that also showed that he still was not to happy with the whole thing. Jim and I went into the back and went over everything again. I sat down on the table and Jim made sure he had everything ready. We chatted about things for awhile, then he put the mark on me where the hole would go. Then I had to rinse out with some mouthwash. Jim asked if I was ready and I nodded. Jim told me to lay back on the table and then he put the clamps on me. I glanced down when he was lining the needle up with the mark where the hole would go and I just barely caught a glimpse of the needle. I swear that thing was a NAIL. Jim told me to breathe deeply and that he was going to put the needle through now. It did hurt for a second or two, but I actually enjoyed the pain. What I really liked was the rush I felt afterwards. I was thinking, "I HAVE to get more piercings!" The feel of the needle, everything, the whole experience, I just absolutely loved it. I loved it even more than I thought I would. It is just such a wonderful rush. Not to mention how beautiful piercings look. Your body is a temple, decorate it! :) I was told that it should heal up very nicely as long as I did NOT play with it at all. Jim told me this over and over. It is so hard not to! I always catch myself rubbing my tongue on the inside disk or reaching up to spin the jewelry around with my fingers. But I just have to tell myself not to because I don't want anything to mess it up. The care of it isn't too hard. I have to wash the outside with Ear Care solution stuff a coule times a day and also put gly/oxide on the inside at nite. The one thing that really gets annoying is having to rinse with mouthwash after I eat anything, drink anything, or smoke. But, all in all, it is so worth it! Anyway, my labret looks really nice and I get tons of compliments on it. I have to wait another month before I can change the jewelry, which is a little annoying. The stud that I have in it now is a little longre than the one that is usually in labrets. Jim said that it will heal better this way. But after it is all healed I am going to get the regular sized one as soon as possible. I may switch to a ring sometime, but I really like the way this looks. I can not wait till I can get even more piercings. I also want to apprentice for a piercer. If there is anyone near Bay City, Michigan, who wants a cute grrlie to help them out, get in touch with me! Please! If anyone wants to e-mail me, go for it. [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Oct. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jim
Studio: Old+Town+Tattoo
Location: Saginaw%2C+Michigan

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