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labret at 15....

15 female and this was my very first piercing (other then my ears). I had been beging my mom for a lebret piercing for over 2 years i knew everything about it becasue i would come here to BME and read all the new stories (and old ones) and look at the pictures. she had finally given in when i had told her how much i knew about it. I had to choose between my tounge or my lip. It was quite hard because i liked them both. I went around asking people which on i should get or which i would look better with. Finally i had decided with the lebret.

I chose this place because it was the cleanest and a lot of people had recomended it to me. I had made an appointment at midnight moon for 3:30pm on saturday 9/25. I had gone the night before but had no identification on me so i couldn't get it done, That was a total bummer. when saturday had come i was quit nervouse. We got to the studio at about 3:15. I had asked him questions about the healing procedure and how long it took. He was telling me how it was the worst place to get pieced becuase if you get hit it can knock out your teeth or even chip them, and how it can cause erosion to the gums and teeth but i just told i still wanted it done, or i atleast wanted to try it out. My mom wasn't too keen on me getting it by this point but i talked her back into it. The time had finally come and after i had filled out all of the information and showed him my ID and stuff we went into the room. He was telling me how to care for it and how mothwash was ganna be my new best friend for a couple weeks (talk about fresh breath and nice shinny teeth). He got all the utensils ready and sterlized my piece of jewlery. About 5 minutes later i was ready. first he made me mouthwash for about a minute then he cleaned my lip off and made a dot right in the middle. It took a couple tries to get it perfect. I was getting pretty nervouse at this point but he explained to me step by step on what he was going to do which made me feel at ease.

First he clamped my lip and put a cork on the bottom (for the needle to poke into) then he took the needle and jabbed it through. Alot of people say that the clamps hurt more but the thing that i thought hurt the most was when he was going through the last layer of skin (ouch), after that he put the jewlery in. I looked in the mirror and smiled. It was perfect, i liked it and so doesn't my mom. All in all it wasn't that bad and the whole thing only took about 5 seconds to pierce and put the jewlery in. Day 1 It hurts quit a bit right know and im having troubles eating and talking. My lip haden't swollen at all yet and i wasn't wishing for it to eather. I was using a lot of mouthwash becasue either i was always smoking a butt or eating something. Talk about getting annoyed. I also have to keep remembering to put bactine on it. Day 2 it is much easier to talk with and eat stuff. im not in as much pain anymore but i have to keep tightning the ball because it keeps getting loose on em, i have no clue how... I also have quit a lot or troubles eating solid foods and drinking sodas and stuff. i usually end up hitting the can or drink against my lip. Another hard task is kissing (damn have i got to get used to that with this piercing now:) Day 3

im still trying to get used to eating solid foods with it and stuff, im a little better at drinking from cans with it though. Sometimes it interfers with my talking and stuff becasue the backing will get caught on my tooth or the edge of my gums but other then that i love it (so doesn't my boyfriend)! Always remeber to keep things away from your face when your running around and stuff, it hurts extremly bad when someone taps you or something bumps the piercing. I highly recomend this piercing to anyone who wants to get their lip done to go ahead and do it. Make sure you get it professionally done though and and check out the piecer before hand. I love mine! In a couple months im going back to get my tounge.... ill tell you that when it happens. JessIe P.S. If you have any questions about how the piercing is or anything just e-mail me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kris
Studio: midnight+moon
Location: chichester%2C+nh

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