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In the chair again

it was sort of a new era in my life. I had moved back in to my parents house and that was a major stomache ache. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of three years. My ex had turned me on to tattoos and piercings but I was a little more extreme than him. So I thought about a labret for a while and one weekend decided to go for it. I called my friend Gary and told asked him if he wanted to come along. A couple of minutes later we were in the car headed to Fleshtones. I had chosen Fleshtones because they were the most sterile and professional place in town. We got there and I asked for Kenny. He was one of my friend's Dad and I knew that he does a really good job. Plus he was the only person I trusted to do this sort of thing. I was nervous but excited too. I basically jumped in the chair and said, "Pierce me!" Well, of course it wasn't that easy. Kenny explained the procedure, gave me helpful tips, told me how to take care of my new piercing and other information. He also gave me some papers explaing aftercare and those sort of things. So I was ready right? Not yet. He looked for a couple of minutes at my face and marked the spot that was to be pierced. Got all of his equipment ready and sterilized everything. He asked me if that was where I wanted to be pierced and I said yes. So I sat back in the chair, grabbed a hold of the arms, closed my eyes and breathed heavily. Now alot of people complain and yack about how much it hurt and all that bull, but it wasn't that bad. I just felt a tight squeezing because of the clamps and when the needle when through it was a little more pressure but not immense pain or anything. I open my eyes and it looks ok to me but Kenny tells me its a aligned right. So we go and ask Gary what he thinks. Stupid idiot thinks its a little off too. I thought, ' man , this is gonna hurt. A second time? I don't think so.' But Kenny and Gary convince me to get it redone. I go back to the room and sit in the chair. I'm alot more relaxed because I know exactly what to expect. Kenny replaces his utensils with sterile equipment and I close my eyes again. Well it didn't hurt the second time as much as I thought it would. I only had like a drop of blood too. I open my eyes and look at myself. A new me. Different from everyone else. I was very happy afterward and smiled alot. Kenny gave me a ball that was clear with blue dots on it. It was his new shipment and no one had those kind of labrets in the city yet. I felt special. The way people felt. Well, most people asked questions like , "Didn't that hurt?" But the questions didn't bother me. And I hung out with friends who had a lot of piercings so I didn't go in public that much. But a couple of months after I got it , alot of people started getting piercings themselves. Like their eyebrows or lips or bellybuttons and stuff. It made me mad at first , because it just seemed like a fad (and still does) you know? They are just doing it to be cool or part of the crowd or whatever. But all I can say is that my labret is part of who I am. Like a part of my personality. Now when I go to the grocery store or something alot of people stare or look at me. I could say a couple of nasty things but that would give them a bad impression. Instead of being curious they'll just be turned off. Sometimes I get tired of the questions and make a smart comment, but only once in a while. Afterwards. Well right after I got it pierced I was really quite normal. I could do just about anything except eat hamburgers for a week or two. The bad thing is , is that I have lost alot of labrets, but I'm not gonna put a banana ring or o ring in unless its a special ocassion. I love it. I don't know why. You can put all sorts of colors for the balls, I can spit water out through the whole too, or freak people out with it. I wanna get my septum pierced but everyones having a cow about that. So all I can say is that if you are thinking about it, go ahead. You can always take it out. I've had mine for a year now. Thank you Kenny!! Because without you, I would probably have a really crappy labret and be walking with my head to the side. People just be careful who your piercer is!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kenny
Studio: fleshtones
Location: El+Paso%2C+TX

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