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rst piercing, other than my ears, was my labret. Of course, I waited until I moved away from home to go to college, which just happened to be about 3,000 miles away on the other side of the country. So, anyway, I had my ears pierced when I was about 5 or 6, and don't really remember much about it except that it hurt like hell. It was back in the early 80's when they used those old guns that went really slow, and made things about as painful as possible. So, after that, the pain of the moment just stuck in my head, and i didn't want anything to do with piercing, I didn't even want the lady to do my other ear, but eventually my mom got me to let her pierce my other ear. A few years after that my brother got his left ear pierced, it had to be left, but hey, it was the 80's and that stigma about a guy with his right ear pierced was still thought true. So, he went and didn't even flinch when it was done, of course the newer guns were in use then that did it super quick and painless. So I just figured I was just an enormous wuss. Skip ahead, trying to avoid boring you to death. I'm about 14 or 15, going into high school, and body piercing is starting to come out, studios are opening, but it's still looked down on, not that people don't look at it like that anymore, but it was new and really unaccepted. So, me being me, I became interested in it. I tend to like unusual things for some reason. So, i begin learning about it and start putting some holes in my ears, which hurt considerably less, for whatever reason, be it my older age, or the fact that i actually new what I was doing, and that lady years before didn't. So, skip ahead some more, I'm 18, have tons of holes in my ear, got my belly button done a few times, took them out though, annoyed the hell out of me, was learning more about piercings, and moving away, still thinking it would be cool to get pierced. So, finally, on with the labret. I was talking to a freind one night about how I was thinking about getting my labret pierced, and she was telling me about how I should do it, and I'd look good with it and all. So we get off the phone, and the idea is still being kicked around in my head. So the next day, I'm on my way to class, and all through class am just paying absolutely no attention to what's going on, just thinking still about my labret, so I leave class a little early, since I wasn't paying attention anyway, and start walking down 13th Ave towards the piercing shop. And so I stop at an ATM to get some cash, and just decide thatI'm gonna do it. So I go to find the shop, which I had never been to, but heard about from people around campus. But, since I was still relatively new to the area, I wasn't exactly sure where this place was, so I walked for what seemed like forever and decided that I was going to go into this building up ahead and look at a phone book to get the adress. And, absolutely by accident, the place I go to get a phonebook from is a tattoo and piercing studio. So I decided to just go in and get it done at this place, which I don't recommend. You should generally know a little something about the place you're going to, but anyway, I go in, and ask how much the piercing and the jewelry would be, and so I look at the jewelry, but all they have is a 16ga labret stud, but since I figured that if I didn't do it then I probably wouldn't, and since I was so amped up, I'd just go ahead and get pierced with a 16ga, I could always stretch afterwards. So I sign all the papers, and almost drop the pen my hands are sweating so much, and am told that it would be about 15 minutes, because there were 2 people ahead of me. So I sit, and am so nervous I just sit and stare at the wall. So, the piercer, I totally can't remember her name, I'm so sorry, calls me in, and so I go and sit down in the chair, and she starts getting things ready, and I start talking and joking, trying to calm myself down, and then it starts. She asks me what I'm having done, just to be sure I was the right person, and I tell her, and so she takes out a pen and marks just below my lip and hands me a mirror and asks if I like it. I say it looks cool, and so I hand back the mirror and lay back. She begins talking me through everything, I closed my eyes, I figured I really didn't want to see a needle coming at my face. So she puts the clamp on and syas that it should be the worst part. And then I braced myself, expecting lots of pain, and the next thing I knew, she told me it was through, but not to close my mouth just yet because the needle was still in me, corked though, to avoid any accidents. Then she put the jewelry in, cleaned up a little blood, and I was pierced and ready to go. I didn't feel a thing. I couldn't even believe it was through. Then she went over the aftercare sheet with me and I was on my way with my new piercing. I just had the hugest smile on my face. Partly from the rush from the piercing and partly from the joy of finally getting pierced. I kept rubbing my tongue over the back of the post and playing around with it, which probably looked really stupid, but I didn't really care.I walked back to my dorm and since I didn't tell anyone what I was going to do my friends saw me and they'd lok at me and then take a double take and say hey, you got pierced, and all. It was all cool until dinner. I took 2 bites of salad, but the post both times, and decided that I would not be eating the rest of the night. It started to swell later that night, and by the next morning my bottom lip was swollen, just as my piercer had said, but still not too painful, just the normal soreness associated with a swollen lip. I just continued to wash the outside and rinse after each time I ate, drank or smoked, which seemed like every 2 minutes, and after a few weeks I didn't feel it anymore and was over the whole accidental biting thing, which I was told evryone went through. I went after about a month and had it stretched to 14ga, with a hoop, and now have a 12ga stud and I love it. It was my first body piercing, I don't consider ears body piercing since just about anyone can do it in most parts of the ear, and it's what hooked me. I went on to get my tongue and nipples done, and am going son to get my eyebrow done. I definately recommend piercing to evryone. It doesn't hurt or anything as much as you think it will. But one word of caution, Piercing tends to be contagious, so once you get one, you'll probably want to get more, and I say, Go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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