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gone to Myrtle Beach with a friend, his family, & another friend. We had been there 3 days & from talking to all those damn piercing advirtisors that flocked the streets of "the strip" we all knew we needed something pierced.

We "scoped" out the "scene" & looked at what all we could get pierced & went back to the room. We were sitting there deciding what we were all gonna get, making sure no one got the same thing pierced as the other guy & trying to figure out how we were gonna get it done cause we were all 16. My friend Marshall decided to get his tongue done, Mike wanted 2 in his eyebrow & 1 in his lip, & i was like "I WANT MY LEBRET PIERCED MAN!!", thinking no one i knew or had seen had it pierced. The only people i had seen with it pierced was Kirk Hammet from Metallica, pro bike rider Sandy Carson, & Meegs from Coal Chamber. Well, we were just walkin around looking at shops trying to find a cheap piercer cause we all had a small amount of money & a guy approached us & said he'd pierce us for free if we bought the body jewlery there which were all $30. Here it was, the moment he asked if we were 18 & i looked over 18(i'm 6'2 140lbs & i had real long chin hair) so i said i'd sign for them too & he asked when my birthday was & my brain went to warp math speed & i answered "uhh JUNE 4th 1980", very cool & calm. After that he asked my social security number & i said "umm i don't drive & i don't know it", so he just wrote a bunch of numbers down & asked my phone number so i gave him a fake one. Ok we were in the shop & Marshall went 1st with his tongue & almost pasted out but he didn't look like it hurt him as he was getting it done, so that gave me the balls to go 2nd. He clamped my lip, stuck the needle through & it seemed like forever that i just sat there with a 12 gauge needle sticking through my lower lip, Finally he ran the lebret stud through & put the ball on. When Mike sat down the guy said to him "dude i don't like you, the only reason i'm piercing you is because i have costumers waiting" so he pierced Mike's lip ver carelessly, then pierced his left eyebrow twice with the same needle he pierced his lip with & they bled like crazy. We paid then left, very excitedly. the next day Mike's lip ring fell out & a month later his eyebrow had bubbled some nasty yellow shit & crusted & he's scarred for life. He looks like a Vanilla Ice reject. My lip swelled a little & when i ate for the 1st 3 or 4 days i bit my lebret stud & it hurt like hell. I never cleaned it til i got home about 6 days later. I cleaned it with some oral bacterial cleaner & yellow shit just flowed out running into my chin hair, so i cleaned it like 3 times a day for like 2 weeks. When i got home my mom was pissed & threatened me she was gonna sue the piercing place (she's a damn big church fanatic) & she said it was body menipulation or somethin like that. I'm a really good arguer/negotiator & i was like, "uhh hey mom you have a hole in each of your ears, YOU DAMN SATAN WORSHIPPER!!" & she shut up & now she just trys to joke about it. About 4 or 5 months later me & Marshall had got some india ink from a close friend named jeff, now a convicted fellon/drug dealer & is in a Mexico jail gettin his little Korean butthole tore up by Ricardo or Jose. ANYWAY me & Marshall were bored off our asses & i got him to tattoo "honky" on my left ankle, which he had to go over about 5 times with a needle with thread wrapped around it with the ink in the thread. It's a year later & i have a 12 gauge barbell in my "lebret" & now like 4 billion people have their lebret pierced & no one i know has "honky" "tattied" on them, so i'm getting more piercings. Tomorrow i'm self-piercing my left eyebrow & probably next weekend i'm doing my septum with a needle jeff used to pierce his tongue with & he's never had sex or shot up so if i boil it & rub it with alcohol i should be good. I'm real excited about the eyebrow & i'm sure the septum's gonna hurt like a bitch but oh well... I'll tell you how those go if i get bored again at 3:00 in the morning. THANK YOU & GOODBYE Your friend & mine,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: some+guy+i+don%27t+even+think+knew+what+he+was+doing
Studio: some+place+in+myrtle+beach
Location: myrtle+beach

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