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my date with destiny

low me to introduce myself. names case. im just a random chick from way up in the california hills. i like biking, body modification, eating, swimming, and really having fun, at all costs. (if you know what i mean.) i started off into the piercing business at about age 4. i saw my older sisters earrings, and just had to have it. i had my mother take me down to the local mall and get my ears pierced. it was great! now all my kindergarten friends would envy me. this is how i thought back in the day. but since then, ive moved onward and upward. yes, since then, ive become a natural. a pro some say. granted, im not a pincushion, but i royalli dig piercings and everything that comes with it. as of now, ive got my lip done, my septum, ears of course, and 4 things below the waist, which i deam unmentionable. now, let me start into my story of how i pierced my own lip...ill do the best i can, and be sure to keep your seatbelts on. now, as afore mentioned...ive always been facsinated by piercings. all piercings. piercings of every way shape and form. from dogs to cats, to people and dolls. i used to pierce my barbies even. they looked so cool. but the ones that really get to me, are the facial ones. now, dont get me wrong, i royally dig genital and all other forms, but...i just love the look of the lip ring. and, although this is no big deal, i had to have one. unfortunately, i did not have any money to get it done...so i took matters into my own hands. the big day: i was bored, so i decided to go through with it. i hopped onto the bathroom counter, needle in hand, 2 inches away from the mirror. after cleaning, all that was left to do was pierce. after the initial poke, the pain slowly subsided. i suppose numbness had taken over. about 3 minutes into the procedure, the needle was all the way through to the other side, and damn...how i was proud. i mean, just think what my friends would say! i loved it.i simply loved it. now all that was left to do was quickly and heartily disinfect it, and grab a ring. after cleaning the area, i quickly searched for a small, yet cute hoop. and boy, was i in luck, my ex-roomy, and soon to be lover, jim shuez, had left his earring over my house. i grabbed it, yanked out the needle and inserted the ring. it looked great! i definitely condone, advise, and promote at home piercing. its simple, effective, virtually pain free, and cost free as well. what could possibly be better, i ask you? my first day out with my new look was cold and snowy. (i live in the mountains, about 5000 feet up). as i made my way to work,( i have no car), it was quit frosty out, and very nippy. my lips were chapping fast. i dug for my chapstick and began to apply, but something was caught in the way. in order to apply, i would have to remove my ring. this was a great dissappointment. now what? i was not going to go through all that again. and it looked so good! so i forgot about my damn lips and went to work. my friends and family and coworkers loved it! the only problem was dave. my boss. that hardheaded asswipe. what was the problem, you ask? well apparantly people dont want their customers scared off. yeah, right. as if one simple lip ring would send the patrons screaming into the nite. i mean, come on! this was a grocery store for crying out loud! this led me to quit my job. anyone that has this big of a problem with this small of a thing definitely has something living up his butt. on my way home i ran into a band of gutterpunks. it royally rawked i tell you. we got along great, and they loved my story. i ended up moving in with them, and we started our own piercing business. it did, however get shut down last year from illegal piercings. but who really cares? not i, said the mouse. i say, if its your face...poke holes through it, and enjoy. of course, you will want to be sure your body can take it. i once had a friend who scarred really bad. her earring holes swelled up to the size of mushrooms, and i am not over exaggerating. oh no. so, i say, the best thing to do is clean it, if your under age, ask permission, and if you think it necessary, consult your doctor. i mean, do you really want nipples the size of mushrooms? i think not.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: myself
Studio: my+room
Location: california

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