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My first piercing (my labret)

e start out by saying that I am the biggest wuss in the world. I got my first tattoo when i was 17 but i never really had anything pierced before then. When i was 14 though i did pierce my own nipple with a saftey pin (bad idea it hurt like all hell). I had been contemplating getting something pierced. I had allways thought it would have been my tounge. But seeing as i hadnt even gotten my ears pierced yet i hadnt really saw through getting it done. So i finally decided to get my ear pierced just to see what it was like and damn did it hurt. For a while i shy of getting anything else done because i had someone who didnt know what they were doing do it. Well to cut this short and to keep from rambling on it was about a month and a half after my 18th birthday i was allready up to my third tattoo so i figured what the hell what more is there left and i got bit by the piercing bug. I had changed my mind about the tounge ring because everyone and there mother has one now. So i decided on a labret. The first 2 days i wussed out royaly. The first day was cause i decided it was late and i should definatly make sure it was cool with my boss. On day 2 he said I could (dammit there goes my excuse) on friday i kept driving past the parlor and kept talking myself out of it. Well on Saturday I finally went down there to do it. All my friends are assholes so i had to go by myself. I went in there and the piercer and the tattooist were playing with barbie dolls (exactly what i want to see with some one who is about to stab me) well i summond up enough courage to fill out the forms and tell him what i want. After an extremely long 5 minutes i got called back into the piercing room. He sat me on the table and told me about the tools and what too expect, cleaned and marked the area and put the forceps on. This was it the big moment of truth I sure as hell couldnt wimp out now. The sensation after that was just amazing it was soooo damn quick. I love my new labret and it still didnt hurt as bad as my ear. Other than catching it while eating no real pain whatso ever. Before you get this done or any other piercing done make sure your educated about it. Like with a labret there is the possibility of gum errosion. So in general make sure that you know the risks of what your getting done. Make sure you go to a clean place. You dont want to go to Billy Bobs Backyard Tattooing and Piercing. Make sure everything is preseald or auto-claved before anything is done. Also make sure your piercer is wearing gloves too for all you know he could have been whacking 5 minutes before u came in. Most importantly listen to what is said u dont want to miss care instructions like on how long before you change your post and all that other good stuff. Well that is pretty much it if you dont have this done go get it done. Its a damn cool piercing and doesnt hurt so if your as big of a wuss as i am its no big deal. Also if your interested heres a day by day account of how its going. DAY 1: I get scarred of going decide to double check with my boss to make sure its allright to get done even though he allready said i could. Day 2: I go hang out with a friend and go to the music store first. His dad calls him on the cell phone and tells him to be home at 5:30. I drop him off and then drive past the tattoo parlor about a dozen times and decide I dont want to go alone. Day 3: I finally go to get it done since my friends are assholes I had to go by myself (see if I go any where for them) and I finally got enough courge to walk in there and tell them what i want. It didnt hurt until i tried to eat that night. They give your jewelry thats too long to allow swelling and it got stuck behind my teeth while trying to eat some steak and I bit down on it....twice. I vow for the rest of the day not to eat. (heres a big tip eat a big ass meal before u go get this done. Day 4: WOOOOO HOOOOO I CAN EAT WITHOUT CATCHING IT!!!!!!!!!!! everything is smooooooth sailing. If u dont have this doen go get it done I highly suggest it. It doesnt hurt and is only annoying the first day. Well good luck to everyone and feel free to email me with any questions.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Billy
Studio: Modern+Tattoo
Location: Waukegan%2C+IL

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