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16th bday pressie from mum.. my labret. :)

all again :) this is my 3rd experiance on bme.. other's are my nose - http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/03-nose/980315/nose4.html my tongue - bme.freeq.com/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongacb.html i usually wait a while after getting pierced to post my response.. but hey, im bored. I got my labret pierced for 2 reasons. one was, because it was a 16th birthday pressie from mum and it signafied getting older (i decided on it though, mum was like "what do you want for your birthday?") and the other was because i have just left school to do distance ed and it's another major turning point in my life.. (soon im going to live with dad for a few months.. im gonna try and talk him into letting me get a tattoo, and he can get a new one to! :) anyway, i did alot of looking up on bme, and i read and printed every labret story, and i coulden't wait to the 1st or 15th of every month to see if anyone else had posted a new story or not :) (can someone say obsession?) well, i did some looking around, and some price checking and stuff, and i saw an add in beat (free music/sub culture mag) for medipierce. they where having an opening special, tongue's $60, everything else $40 (he doesn't do piercing below the belt though) so i got mum to call them up for me (hate talking on the phone) and they said yeah, it include's changeover (not) and it's numbed and you can get eather a ring or barbell.. blah blah blah, and then mum has been working and i got toey cos i wanted it done, and i wanted it done now. lol (hey, ive been waiting for forever and a day.. and, i was ment to get it done on the 27th of june, but i didn't get it done till the friday the 13th (ooooo black friday) lol august. anyway, i called, asked if i needed mum to come with me, they said cos im 16 no i dont, so im like cool, make an appoitment for friday, yey, all done, get real excited and jump up and down, then the waiting game.. i wasen't that scared actually.. i was when i walked into the dr's room and saw him prep. everything though lol he was very clean (maybe cos he's a dr?) and he changed his gloves alot, and disposed everything in a sharp's container etc etc etc, he marked the dot, asked me if that was a good spot, im like yeah, yey, and do you want me to inject the anaseptic sitting up or lying down.. sitting up, GOD DAM THAT HURT!!!!!! (i aint gonna lie) i could hear it ripping thru my flesh love that sound and the pain.. my god.. owie.. but a good owie !! :) (i love pain) and it was bleeding (i saw it when i stood up to get up onto the dr bed table thingo) and then, he talked me thru it all, i coulden't feel any pain, just pressure and stuff, and he had trouble getting the ball on, but when he said, ill give it one last shot, it went on.. lol I thanked him heaps, looked in the mirror.. loved it! and got him to take 2 photo's for me :) thanked him again, he went thru the aftercare with me again (he did it the first time before he shoved the owie needle in) im like yey thanks i love you, marry me! lol actually, he was a cutie in an offbeat kinda way. that day it hurt and i kept getting it caught on my teath.. dam that killed. about an hr or so post-pierce, i went and got maccas.. i could eat it really slowly.. but ive been eating norm. food all along.. the second day, swelling and this burning sensation, same for 3rd, but now it's the 5th day and all is fine.. still a little swelling, nothing major though, and i clean it for to six times a day.. i AM being really slack, but, i just realised how stupid i am and im going to wash after everything :) I hate listerine, i had to use that for my tongue, but with that i found salty water better, so, that's what im using for my labret. anyway, enough of this, if you are thinking about getting your labret AND tongue done.. get you're labret done first, then go down to the shorter barbell, then get your tongue.. it's alot easyer eating and stuff that way :) hmmmmm i told dad.. he was cool about it.. when i went up there in june, i told him that's what id have done with in a few months.. and ya know what.. i did :) he know's it's my way of experssing myself and stff.. where as when i was 14 and got my nose done.. oh boy.. talk about pissed off. l I asked him why, and he was like "well then you where to young to make that choice for yourself" and im like, well why are you ok about it now? "because you're growing up" yey.. he finnally realised and im getting treated like an adult for a change :) any comments, questions, hate mail, death threats, marrage popusals and stuff like that, email me at [email protected] stay cool :) ~miss emz

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dr+George+%2Aforgot+the+last+name+cos+its+like+really+long%2A
Studio: MediPierce
Location: elwood%2C+vic..+soon+to+be+in+parahan+above+spotlight%2C+melb.

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