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My beautiful and painless lip and cartilage piercing .

iy'all I got my right eyebrow pierced since one year so I decided to get my tongue done one year after . Yesterday I woke up and called my friend Vi . She told me that she can come with me to do her septum . We took the bus and went to Ottawa . We went to a piercing place called "Future Skin" (that's were I got my eyebrow pierced) . Unfortunaly I was a new piercer and he told me he couldn't do my tongue coz I got this fucking tendon under it and he was too close and it could be really dangerous I got pierced . And for my friend he didn't do septums . Well we took a walk on Rideau street and there was an other place where we could get pierced . We went in I look at tha place it wuz all clean with pool table in the waiting room. I ask Frank (tha piercer ) if he could do my tongue and he said no (coz I got this fucking asshole tendon ) . Then he said that I could think about another place to get pierced . I noticed that it was 60 bucks for 2 piecings so I decided to get 2 . I wanted my right ear cartilage done so I dec I was a little nervous but that was it. My friend was petrified (she was looking at me and lookes scared for me ). The piercer said that it would hurt a very little bit, less than a syringe. Frank make me sit on a chair (kinda doctor chair ) . Then he told me to wash my mouth with some Scope . He took a pen and make a point under my lip and ask me if it was ok . I said yes .I was a little nervous . Then a clamp was placed on my lip and a needle was shoved through it. He took the clamp off and said "Are you okay ? "and I awnsed "yes I am" . He came back with the ring and placed it on the end of the needle. He passed the needle out of my lip and the ring into it. He then popped the bead into place and said, "Congratulations, you are pierced." Well right after I got my cartilage pierced . For a 2nd cartilage piercing I could tell ya that it's the place that hurts much much more ! Frank make me see the needle and put it on a special garbage . I think he's really profesional . He told me about how to care for and clean my new lip ring and cartilage .He told me that sea salt was good for the cleaning coz it's miraculous it wash bacteries out of my mouth and kill them :P . Well he told me too if I didn't have sea salt I could use Bactine ( an anti-bacterial soap ) to clean my piercings . He said that Vitamin E was a great thing that i could put on my lip coz it's helping to reproduced the skin . We talked a little bit and I paid the $60, and we were on our way. I was really hungry because I was stupid and hadn't eaten for most of the day. But eating was harder than I anticipated. The back of the stud kept getting caught on my teeth and it would pull it and sting like hell. Day 2 : It's hurting a little bit but I'm constaintly washing it with the sea salt and Bactine soap , I'm also puting Vitamin E on my piercings I hope it will be nice . I kept checking out my lip in the mirror. it looked really good. I 'm so exited ans I really want to change the ring for a labret in a couple of weeks. I saw the perfect labret jewelry to put on it ! It's an platic orange ball ! it's soooooooooooooooo cooooooollllllllllllll..!!!!!!! Well my cartilage is oki ! It's hurt alot when i turn it but it's normal .The actual piercing didn't hurt at all. I just advise everyone out there to stay away from threaded jewelry unless it's internal threads. If you can't do that, then make sure your jewelry is from the place you're getting pierced. If it's not, the tools may be slightly off and cause problems like I had. I do think my newest piercing looks very nice though. The placement came out just as I wanted.

Well all that I can say is : GO FOR IT ! And Express Urself

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Frank
Studio: Tattoos+%26+Piercings
Location: Ottawa

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