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labret & tongue.....

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well...to start off...i'm a girl, i'm barely 18, and i live in the greater los angeles area. when i was 16, a friend of mine had her tongue pierced, and i thought it looked pretty damn cool. another one of my friends had his labret pierced, and i thought that was the center for his good looks. so, i decided that year that i would combine my two favorite piercings.

on my 18th birthday, i had barely enough money for one hole. so, i begged my boyfriend to drive me down to venice beach. (i know a guy who owns a little shop who'll do piercings for cheaper if you buy the jewelry there) i did have to tell my parents i was going elewhere though, because they told me if i were to ever have something other than my ears pierced they'd throw me out. (but thats another story). after a 2 hour wait in traffic, we finally arrived in venice. we spent another half hour driving around looking for a place to park, which isn't easy when every parking place is for a compact car, and you're in a 73 camaro. so, we finally parked, and started on our 'journey' down the strip.

we got to my friend's shop, and there was a little wait so we wandered around the room, looking at the jewelry, and pictures of tatoos. i bought a standard 14g, 1" bar, and my boyfriend bought me a 1/2" 12g with purple balls for when i wanted to stretch it. (sweet huh?) finally, after about 10 minutes and what seemed to be forever, a lady i've never seen before came out from the back and called my name. i ran into that back room and looked around. there was a chair like the kind at the dentist, and a tray with a needle in a plastic bag, a pair of clamps, and cup of something liquidy and minty, and a marker. the woman introuduced herself to me as jade (ooooohhh. jade.) and explained to me everything that was on the tray. she asked me if i'd rather her clamp me or not, and i chose not because of what i'd heard about the swelling being less. so, i handed her my bar, and she told me that while she sterilizes it i was to rinse my mouth out with that minty stuff for a minute. so, i swished away, and before i could spit, she was back with the bar.

she dried my tongue, and marked it dead center and asked me what i thought. i nodded, and she dried it again. she held my tongue out as far as possible and poked me with the needle from the bottom. she left it there for a few seconds while she attached the bar to the top of the needle. next thing i know, the needle falls into my lap and she's screwing on the bottom ball. i look at myself in the mirror, and i'm pierced yay!!!

my boyfriend and i leave the place, and get a little bit to eat before going home. my tongue wasn't swollen at all, but a little sore. i had a little trouble swallowing, but i mamaged. after i finished i rinsed out with water since i didn't have mouthwash yet. that nite i slept at my b/f;s so i could avoid my mom. the next morning i woke up and my tongue was only swollen sround the bar, and a little sore. i rinsed about 10 more times that day, and didn't even smoke so it could heal alright.

after about a week it was fine, and i could play with it without it hurting at all. my mom saw it 3 days after, and didn't say much. so, that was ok. but there's more.....

a month later, i knew it was time. i went back to the same place, and said i was ready for my labret. i asked for the same lady, and she went through the same show and tell procedure. this time, she used the clamps on my lower lip, and poked from the top. it didn't hurt at all, and was quite fun to watch. the needle did the fall in lap thing again, and she even let me screw the ball on the stud. oh boy now that one got swollen veyr quickly. ahd when i was eating i bit the back of the stud and chipped my tooth. but, after about a week it was all good, and i got used to it. now...my mom wasn't too happy about that, but its ok because by then i had moved out and into my boyfriend's house. so...now i'm free to do what i want to my face, and believe me...i'm not only going to stick to my face if you know what i mean...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Lip Piercing

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