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Labret Experience

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Wohoo, at last! You cant understand how happy it makes me to be writing this! Before I start I'd like to say that BME is the coolest site! EVER!!!

Anyway, I had my labret piercing done 10 days ago now and I love it. To start from the beginning I've always loved piercings and tattoos, and my first 'real' experience was when I was about 9 or 10 piercing my lobes with safety pins , then when I was about 12 I decided to stick a needle through my belly button. However these were all taken out after I'd had a couple of seconds to admire them, and i never had a real piercing.

The reason I never had a real piercing was my parents, I love em to bits but now I've decided to take a bit more control of my life, after all it is my body! However, being only 16 and still living with them it took a lot of begging and dropping the idea of various piercings into conversation until they agreed (sort of) to let me do it. You wuoldnt beleive some of the arguements we've had in the last year or so:)

Anyway, here's how it happened. I finished school about three weeks ago and was on study leave (still am, maths tomorrow! AHHH) for my GCSE (I'm English by the way) final exams. My friend, who is alowed piercings phoned me up 2 weeks ago and said he was getting his belly button pierced that Friday(he phoned on Wednesday) and would I go with him for company? He already has a labret and eyebrow piercing so he wasn't scared, just wanted the company.

That's what gave me the real kick up the ass to just TELL my parents i was getting pierced, not ask! My mum went apeshit, I know it's just coz she doesn't want me to get hurt etc. but it pisses me off so I went to talk to my dad. He explained to me how he was brought up to think people with piercings were freaks and all that bullshit, but in the end he was cool after about ten minutes.

Saturday, piercing day! My dad drove me to the train station and did the most fucked up thing I ever saw or heard, it was so funny:) He sat in the car and said " I really dont like this piercing stuff," I thought he was not gonna let me do it, then he said " Anyway, how much does it cost?" after telling him 25 bucks he handed me 20, and said " I suppose you'll need this then!" That was so cool!

I got to Precious Piercing in Norwich at about three O'clock and asked if they could fit me in for a labret, I was kinda nervous now, but I had a well pierced friend with me who knew the people in the shop which calmed me down. They said they had a person booked for three O'clock so if they weren't there in five min's I could go instead. They waited about 30 seconds and said "fuck it, let's stab you" which was cool, it made me feel more at home in a wierd kinda way.

So, I've filled in the 'If I die its my own fault.....' sheet, and I'm in this clean white room, which looked like a dentist's surgery. The piercer put on some rubber gloves and started looking at my lip and kept telling me to relax it (I kept screwing it up like I was gonna kiss him or something:). He got the jewellery ready and the needle which came from a little sealed package, all really professional. Then he swabbed my lip on the inside and outside with alcohol or something, got these measuring things and started marking on the inside and outside of my lip. He asked how It looked, I said it was perfect, which it is, and then he put on the clamps.

At that piont my friend's mobile phone rang and Taz (the piercer) said " If there's one thing that pisses me off, it's mobile phones ringing in the middle of a piercing" that was quite funny and it loosened me up a bit. After a bit of fiddling with the clamps he said " OK, if you do the big macho thing and grit your teeth this is really gonna fucking nip!, if you relax and do what I say you wont feel much at all." I just murmoured a sort of OK the best I could with my lip being pulled about two inches from my face by a clamp:) (the clamp didn't hurt at all though). He said "when I tell you to, breathe in and exhale slowly but strongly, I'll pierce it when you exhale." "Ready?' OK, breathe in.... and out." WOW! no pain just the coolest feeling. I don't know if others experienced this, but it popped as it pierced the individual fibres of fat or whatever they are in my lip! I could hear it in my hesd as if i was biting down and crunching a mouthfull of food:) My friend said he could actually hear it at the other side of the room, about seven feet away! I dont really remember the jewellery going in, so i know it didn't hurt. Taz said "Fuck yeah, that's one of the straightest I've ever done, if you feel OK you can go and pay now." I thanked him and left, paid 27 bucks, got an aftercare sheet and went to meet my friends.

That day i stayed out all day and even went out that night with no pain or trouble I was sooooo happy. I did actually catch it a few times eating, but hey I only got it done about two hours earlier.

Day two+three: Swelled a bit but no pain, life as normal apart from carrying a bottle of diluted freshmint listerine around:) still catch it a bit when eating, but it doesnt hurt so who cares?

Day four: getting a bit crusty, but nothing to worry about, my friend assures me (he's had his labret over a year so he knows what he's talking about). eating still a bit difficult , but not so bad.

Day five: Eating is OK now, but I made a big mistake of going to a death metal gig:) got hit in the mouth, but it only hurt for a few minutes.

Day six onwards: no pain (there never was!) no trouble eating, and just a few crusties which should go away soon as long as I keep cleaning it!

The verdict: It's a great piercing, doesn't hurt at all, healing well, if you are reading this and don't have one yet then go and get one!

I'd just like to thank Shannon and BME for all the information on the site making the whole experience a whole lot less scary:)

Happy stabbing!! Matt: [email protected]


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on: 15 June 1999
in Lip Piercing

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