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The story of my lower lip...

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It all began at the start of my sophomore year. Perhaps it began earlier than that, but my sophomore year was when it really started. I'd had my ears pierced a few times, but those were relatively unpleasant experiences. It wasn't until I saw a girl at my school with blue hair and a labret piercing that I knew I was destined to have one. Previous to that, I had never really seen too many of them. Now I knew I needed a labret.

There was only one stumbling block in my quest for a facial decoration... my parents. I knew they would never let me get anything other than my ears pierced. I even had to protest in eighth grade to get my ears pierced again. Then my friend from millions of years ago in elementary school saved me, or rather, saved my parents from hours of arguments with me. She got her nose pierced. We were both good students who obeyed and generally did good deeds in the world (and we still are, occasionally). My parents, seeing that her nose did not fall off, agreed to let me get my nose pierced (I still hadn't approached them about the labret). I was hoping they would become a bit more liberal in their thinking by letting me get my nose pierced.

I waited a year. I was now sixteen and I knew it was time. My lip was going to be pierced or I would never be happy. I was doubtful my parents would agree, but I scared my mom into letting me get it done. She knew I was already prone to acting spontaneously and doing strange things, so I told her I would pierce it on my own (which I would never do, but she believed it). She couldn't say no then. I happily booked an appointment at one of the only piercing places in town.

The day finally came. I woke up early (the appointment was early- 11 in the morning). I think I got ready in record time that morning. I had tons of time, so I picked out my favorite clothes and spent forever spiking my hair to perfection. We left the house early and got to the piercing place a few minutes early. I walked in and waited while the piercer finished up with some other piercing. I was starting to get nervous, but I was slightly relieved when the freshly pierced person walked out and didn't seem to be in pain. He had me go to the back and sit in the chair. It was a really comfortable chair, actually. His daughter, who goes to my school, showed her piercing to me and told me about it. She had her eyebrow pierced, which I added to my mental wish-list. He marked my lip and clamped it, which his daughter said was the worst part (it wasn't). Then he took the needle and shoved it through. I felt no pain at all. I could feel the needle going through, but that's all; it wasn't painful, I could just feel it going through the tissue. The next thing I knew, he was screwing the ball on. That hurt a little because he kept on yanking my lip around as he was doing it. "Hmmm," he said, "You'd better make sure you like the placement, because now's the only time I can redo it." I looked in the mirror. There it was, finally, my labret. It was a little off-center, but I didn't care. It was barely noticeable. There wasn't a drop of blood, but I had drooled a little. He told me about after-care, which I only heard distantly. I was too shocked by the fact that I had finally done it. My mom said it looked gross, and we were on our way.

Afterward we went to a mall in a larger city than our own. I got a few strange looks, especially while I was eating. I had a pretty long labret in my mouth. The piercer said it was in case my lip swelled, which it didn't. This made eating difficult. I had to eat really slowly, so the bar wouldn't move around too much and rub against my gums. When we got home, my gums hurt, but everything else was fine. I cleaned it with Lever 2000 antibacterial body wash, rinsed with Listerine and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was expecting my lip to be gross-looking and swollen, but it was fine. A week later, I had it downsized and he said I healed really quickly. He said I needed to get it downsized one more time, which I thought was weird; why didn't he just start with the smallest size if I healed so quickly? After it had been downsized, my gums stopped hurting from constantly being rubbed. I had it downsized again after some scheduling problems, and I had a spike put on it. Everyone at school loved the spike, especially when I stabbed papers with it. After a few days I took the spike out and put the ball back on because I had to go to my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. I've had my labret for a few months now and I love it. I just got my eyebrow pierced a week ago, but that story is for some other time.


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on: 15 June 1999
in Lip Piercing

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