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lip piercing experience

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I recently had the pleasure of having my lip peirced.  I had

wanted more facial peircings, but looking for a job in Chicago made that a bit tough. Eventually I found a job that is great and doesn't care how many holes I put in my face. As a celebration, I went ahead and got my lip peirced. I had wanted one on each corner of my lower lip. So I called Perry (at Body Basics) and he wasn't too busy and told me to come up. Two friends came with me, and we took the 22 Clark bus all the way north. I filled out the usual banter, and went right up to the same room I got my tounge webbing, and wrist peircing. I asked Perry if he could start at 12 gauge, and he said that would be no problem. After some positioning, preparing, cleaning, eyeballing, etc it was decided I'd have one 12 gauge CBR on each corner. Beautiful. The clamps went on, and I kind of just sat back with my lip pulled out. I felt the initial poke and then this horrible giant ripping tearing feeling in my lip. I opened my eyes and I was tearing and sweaty. It totally knocked me over, it was a big shock I guess. I told Perry I think I felt actual "pain" during that. It was quick though. I didn't know how it would feel, but it certanly was one of the more intresting things I've felt while putting needles through my body. He fit the ring in and clamped it shut. I looked in the mirror and was 50% happy. The other side would make it complete. But I was a little shaken up, so Perry asked if I wanted to take a few minutes to compose myself. He opened a window, and talked me back to Earth. It was strange, while he was peircing me, I kept fading in and out kind of. He'd ask "are you with me Dave? are you here?" and it was real funny of him, but didn't want to laugh while he was working in my mouth. So I would kinda trail and goan "uh huhghh." to him when he thought he was loosing me to some trace I was in. The second peircing was a snap. I knew what to expect, I leaned back, relaxed, and it was over. One. Two. Three. I just felt this ripping in my lip. Like when you bite down too hard on it. Perry told me the tissue in my lip just stretched with the needle. Twelve gauge is considerbly larger than fourteen. It's noticeable. Looking in the mirror I saw myself 100% happy and complete with the two new additions to my face. I took another few moments to compose myself, and for my brain to [click] that I just got two new holes punched in me. Funny thing was, when I got hired at work I was dubbed "the new perferated fellow.." Anyways, I'll get to the part you all want to hear, (if you're looking into lip peircings, or have them already, etc). They feel weird. Not bad. Just it's a very new thing to get used to. But I really like them. Withen a few days I realized the rings are rather large in size, and I want to look into smaller rings. When Perry showed me the rings I didn't think they would be too big. It's not a big deal, I like these rings a bunch. I experianced a little bit of swelling, but nothing some ice can't overcome. Little to zero pain afterwards, not a lot of adjustment to eating food. Perry told me these heal rather well and take a little over a month. Excellent work Perry, bravo, etc. If you live in Chicago, or the burbs or even Northwest Indiana, pay Perry a visit. [Body Basics // 613 W Briar // Chicago IL 773-404-5838]. He's given me beautiful peircings and beautiful scar work.

If you have any questions or want some more information or just want to talk to me in general, email me: [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Lip Piercing

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