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My labret piercing

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I wanted to tell you my story about the best piercing salon in England. its called Perforations and its actually located in West Sussex (on the coast).

I have always thought body piercings looked really cool, and I had once seen this guy with his labret pierced in the centre of his lip with a stud and a ring just above through his lip, this was my goal.

For years (since I was about 14) I had been "warning" my parents that one day I would come home with something pierced. but they always said "don't you dare go and disfigure yourself". So I decided to wait until I was 18, I thought they would accept it better.

So, about a week after my 18th birthday on a Saturday morning I hopped on the train to Brighton (about an hour away). I got there at about 11.00am and I made my way towards the town, I had to ask for directions to the place. I finally got there and I was ready to get pierced, but it was not open yet, it did not open until midday. I had about 20 minutes to wait, it felt like forever. all I could think about was the pain, that needle, would they use anaesthetic ? cos if they did I wanted a double fucking dose of it.

So at midday I made my way back down to the place, still shitting myself, shall I just back out ? no come one you stupid bitch just do it; thousands, no millions of people do this and they survive. Ok, I was ready (sort of).

I went through the doors, it was a sort of out house that you had to walk through and then you walked down these steps through a hall and into the "reception". My mind was a blur, my palms were sweating, but I made it to the lady sitting behind a desk. she seemed very nice and asked "can I help ?". I just pointed to my labret (I did not know what to call it), and said "can I have this pierced ? yes she said, but there is a bit of a queue and motioned to about four people sitting to my left. oh my god I thought I have to wait ? I sat down and began to smoke and smoke and smoke.

I had been sitting there about five minutes and I really had been in my own little world. I had a look around me. there were rather tasteful black and white photos of male and female genital piercings everywhere, this did not shock me, but I kept thinking my parents would go mad if they knew I was here !!!!! there were also piercing and tattooing magazines on the coffee table. then suddenly to the left of me I heard a door open and a person with a freshly pierced eyebrow walked out. I could not help but stare, but he looked ok, not in pain, not crying, the room where he had come from looked clean, smelt strongly of antiseptic. this is good, they are clean, sterile etc.

The piercer, Wayne is his name I later found out came to the front desk looked at a sheet of paper and said tongue piercing next, I looked to my left, and a girl got up and went into the room. this went on for about twenty minutes. the last person came out, Wayne came to the desk and said, Labret, and the lady smiled at me. OH MY GOD, IT WAS MY TURN, THIS IS GOING HURT !!! I did not know what to do should I run out, say I felt ill, start crying, shit, shit, shit what the hell was I doing ?

I got up smiled at Wayne, and followed him into the room, he shut the door and asked me to hop up onto the doctors/psychologist bed type thing. I told him I WAS SHITTING MYSELF and that my parents were going to kill me. Wayne was really cool, he calmed me down talked to me, he said it was a really easy piercing. then he asked me if I wanted anaesthetic ? Is the fucking pope catholic ??? YES YES YES PLEEEAAAASEE !!!!!!

Wayne then cleaned the piercing area with some sort of antiseptic, next he marked the area with a marker of some sort. he got a mirror and asked me if this was ok, I said yes (to be honest at this point I did not care I just wanted it over and done with).

Next he gave me the anaesthetic, he sprayed it all over the area, and everything went really cold. then he put a clamp on my bottom lip, and pulled my lip out, so it was sort of horizontal. I kept thinking to myself I still have time to stop him, shall I scream stop, oh my god I am actually getting pierced !!!!!! I took a deep breath, waited for the pain...then he said "all done". What ? I hadn't felt a thing...I couldn't believe it...he said to me just to stay still while he put the 14 gauge labret stud in. I could not believe it, a totally painless piercing !!!! OHMIGOD !!!! I walked over to the mirror...it looked perfect..just what I had wanted.

I walked out of the room, paid the nice lady, and walked out...I was in a complete daze. AMAZING EXPERIENCE.

As expected, my parents hated it, kept saying how it looked like "a big spot" and how I would never get a decent job (very cruel things to say to me bearing in mind I had nearly chickened out a few times throughout that day)

The next few daze hurt a bit, especially when drinking hot tea and coffee, it only swelled a little and I went back to Wayne a few weeks later to get a shorter stud put in.

About 6 months later I went back to get my lip done (like the guy I saw all those years ago), that all went fine. I am just so pleased that I went through with it. I now want a Madonna and a Medusa and a tongue piercing.

By the way, my parents are a little more relaxed about the whole "Body Art" thing. I think they now realise that your personality does not change just because you have a stud in your lip.

And on the job situation, well, I am a student at the moment (and will be for the next three years), but I did take afew years out and have had full time jobs in offices working for very big companies who feel that "you should not judge a book by its cover". They have NEVER had a prob with my facial piercings.

Piercings are great, thanks for reading my story,

Mellissa Crowley (now 21) [email protected]


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on: 15 May 1999
in Lip Piercing

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