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My story about piercing

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So, in start I want to tell I'm sixteen and I've already had double in my eyebrow. One day I decided to take two labrets to my lip. I had planned it for a months but then I got some money and I knew it was a time to rearrange your face. I live in Finland (so my English ain't so good) and I have a tattoo studio in my neighbourhood. Piercer in there is my old friend and he convinced me that nothing feels so good than few holes more in your look. I went to take my labrets and I surprised how simply it was done. It didn't hurt at all, I remember how much my eyebrow ached. But it was nice and gentle operation. After that I spent few hours looking to the mirror and smiling (it looked soooo damn good). Later that day my lip was a bit swollen but nothing bad. It also sore but I ate lots of ice cream and it helped. I was little bit scared that I might get infection and I used lots ofantibacterial soap. When I woke up next day it was still swollen but I've already used to it. Now I just keep cleaning them (from inside too) and I hope that it will be better soon 'cause it is hard to eat anything solid. Then, it started to get better. I had to take them of ‘cause it started to get deeper in the back of my lip. Piercer said that if it "digs" in the lip, I'd had to change them into longer ones. But I didn't think it was serious and I decided to just hang on with the old ones. Well, next days were kind of hard and my lip felt "thight". But I didn't care about them and lived my life as before and then I realized that I didn't even notice them. Only things that are bullying me are psychological. My parents keep me on pressure talking about how my relatives think about piercings. I remember how much they stared me when I took my earrings at the age of 12. And how they are gonna react now when I have four piercings. But I'm not gonna care about them because piercings are something that makes me feel confident and personal.

The following has been written a week after:

Now, it's been a week since I took my labrets. Yeah, I can't be much more satisfied than I am right now. All my family and my friends (which aren't really piercing fans) are already used to my face. I went to my grandparents for their anniversary and they looked me like a stranger. But when I convinced them that holes grow when I take them off. They are worried that I might be this strange looking fo the rest of my life. Yes, I think I'll be but I'm not gonna tell it to them, I just lie them that this could be just passing phase. No way, I'm so happy now and I think I finally found something that makes me for real. And I've got many comments and many strange people have come to me and ask about piercing. I'm not really into piercing for getting attention, but I can't say that I wouldn't enjoy all the staring faces on the street. If I have to find something negative, it would be a thing that happened few days ago. My boss is sort of a konservative and oldish so I almost got fired from my job. But then I conviced him that I'm not gonna make a number of piercing and I keep low profile. So I could keep my job. Good. It's only about week from the piercing but I feel like these labrets are already a part of my body. I don't "play" with them anymore as much I used to and I don't clean them as much as before. A week ago I was conserned about infection, but not anymore. Althought I smoked and did everything that was said to harm labrets, I survived without any conflicts. In the end I want to say that everyone who has thought about new piercings, especially labrets, should just be spontanius and go for it!! It makes you satisfied and you get something to consentrate. Althought you might have thoughts like "what the hell I've done" you'll eventually feel that you have made a good decision. And if you are still young as I am, you should prepare to get many negative comments. But after all, it's your face and you should be able to make it for the way you want yourself. But, I hope that I've given different aspects for piericngs, ‘cause I think that piercing is more than changing your look. It's a psychological thing and you can change yourself into whole other person. This is the way I feel and as I've said many times: It's all about yourself!


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on: 15 May 1999
in Lip Piercing

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