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my lip piercing

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I had always thought piercings looked kewl, and wanted one for myself, but my parents would NEVER agree to signing the form so I could 'disfigure' my body. So I was forced to wait till I was 18. This didnt bother me too much, I was sure it would be well worth the wait. My parents always said that even if I got it done when I was 18, they wouldnt be able to look at me cause they thinkg piercings are disgusting. I tried to lead up to it and kept talkking about how I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced to kinda prepare them for it. Then I turned 18. Then I didnt have any money right away. All in all, I ended up waiting a few months because I started working at a bookstore that had anti facial jewelry rules. I was only hired for the holisay season, and once the job ended in january, I was ready. On February 2nd, I woke up around 10 and called a friend to see if he could give me a ride to pick up my last check and then take me to get pierced. I had been thinking about it for awhile and I decided I wanted to get my lip pierced. Not my labret, just the center of my lower lip. we got to the piercing place around 2 when they were supposed to open, (they were about 20 minutes late) and so we sat in the car and I chained smoked to calm my wussy nerves. After a few minutes of sitting there, some weird guy pulled up next to us and motioned for me to roll down my window. He said he was from the newspaper and he wanted to take a picture of someone getting pierced for said paper. He asked if we were there to get something done and if he could take pictures, and we said why not. This freaked me out a bit, what would my parents say? I hadnt even told them I was on my way to get pierced, they were gonna be suprised enough as it is when I got home.

shortly after, Nikki, (the piercer) got there and opened up the place for us (Body Piercing Unlimited). We all went inside and sat down while she had me fill out a short form, checked my ID, and got out hte jewelry that I wanted. Then she went into the back room to prepare while I sat on the couch in the main room talking to the nespaper guy while he asked me dumb questions. After what seemed like forever, she told us all to come on back and had me hop on on a lil dentist type chair thingie. She cleaned my lip with iodine and had me use some mouthwash, then she marked the spot on my lip where the piering was going to be. I checked in the mirror to make sure it was just how I wanted it, and it looked great. Then I hopped back up on the chair type thing, and she measured my lip a whole bunch. She changed her gloves after she did anything, which was nice to see. After she was done with the measuring, she got out the needle and the clamps (this scared me to see) and she had me lay down. I was uncomfortable having the newspaper guy standing over me, but I didnt wanan say anything so I just stared at the ceiling thinking 'can we fucking get this over with already?'. She put the clamps on which didnt hurt at all, I barely felt them, and she told me to concentrate on my breathing. She said 'take 3 deep breaths, and when you exhale on the last one Im going to pierce it' I nodded ok, and did as she said. As I exhanled on the last breath, I noticed my lip felt 'odd' but nothing more. It didnt hurt at all! I was so relieved!! I sat up and she put the jewelry in, but the ring we had picked out was too big and didnt hug my lip like I had hopped. She agreed that it didnt look right and put a smaller ring in for me. I love it! Then she had me go look in the mirror, and newspaper guy finally left, and I was feeling great. Nikki gave me a il booklet on how to care for it and went over it with me to make sure I didnt have any questions/confusion. She told me to get bactine and listerine, so Ken (my friend) and I promptly went to the store for some. That night I went home and suprised my parents with my new toy, they were not so happy, but what could they do? It was a bit too late to do anything about it.

The next day my lip had swollen a bit, so I spent most of the day holding ice on it. It was slightly annoying to have to use listerine after I ate or drank anything other than water, but who cares, I had my lip pierced!

The next week was slightly difficult, it took about 3 days before I could eat without any trouble, and 2 weeks before I could drink from a cup. I went through straws like crazy. I had so much fun getting my lip pierced that I went back a week later to get my eyebrow done and had no nerve problems at all. :) That was another happy suprise for my parents. It took them awhile, but my piercings dont seem to bother them anymore, which is good good good. Im hoping to get my tongue pierced next (woo hoo), but $ is always an issue. I love my lip piercing more than anything, I can just sit there and play with it with my tongue all day. Its great. What suprised me the most was not that it didnt hurt, but that it kinda felt GOOD, if that makes any sense. :) hehehe


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Lip Piercing

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