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LOOK DAD, ANOTHER HOLE - I know how much you hate them!

Yes! I finally got another piercing! And dad hates it, just like I thought he would. Mum isn't too keen either, but she never is at first, until it grows on her and becomes just another part of me. Piercing isn't as accepted in Australia as it is in America yet… if it were, I guess dad wouldn't be so old fashioned about it. Then again, I am only 17.

For some reason, I decided on a labret. The last time I had anything pierced was my tongue. That was almost a year ago now.... 9-10 months or so. I gave up on the idea of getting another brow ring; they're becoming too popular. I don't know exactly what prompted me to get the labret, but it's a piercing that isn't too popular where I live. Well, not as popular as tongues and eyebrows, which I have both of. I like being different, and it's awful hard with everyone following trends and copying others.

I went up to Aztec with my mum on Easter Saturday. While I spoke to Jacquie (the piercer and owner), mum just stood there shaking her head, saying "no". But I knew she'd come round! Jacquie got out some labret studs and showed them to me and I told her I'd need a longer one coz I have a thick lip. She got out the only one that was 10mm in length (no idea about the gauge, probably 14) and said she'd put it away for me because they were closing for the day. I made my appointment for Wednesday the 7th of April.

The whole day Wednesday I was nervous and asking myself over and over again exactly why was I going to do this. I couldn't come up with any answer other than I wanted something new and kind of individual – I only know of 3 people with labrets. My appointment wasn't until 4:45pm so it was one heck of a long day.

Finally the time came to leave. I drove to Aztec with very shaky hands -- mum was working and I had no one else to accompany me. When I got there, they took me out the back and I sat on the all too familiar piercing bed while I waited for Jacquie to come back from somewhere. And yes, I was a model for the training again. With my tongue, one of the professional piercers had pierced me while Jacquie explained each step to the trainee. This time, my poor body was going to be pierced by a trainee who had only ever pierced navels, an eyebrow and nipples. I was really scared!!!

When Jacquie finally arrived, they put the jewelry in the antiseptic (including one of my eyebrow rings as I was having it changed -- it's way too small to get in without proper equipment). As the dis-infecting was happening, my mouth was looked at, and I was given that horrible tasting pink jelly-like stuff that was to numb the area. It was put on using cotton buds, a fresh one with each dip into the bottle. My lips went kind of numb, along with my gums and the tip of my tongue. I could hardly speak, which I think was good because I was so nervous (but I'm always nervous and tell myself off afterwards because I knew it wouldn't hurt -- much).

I sat patiently as Jacquie showed the trainee (whose name I didn't catch) how to place the clamps properly, lined up with the dot she had put on my chin. After a few goes at it, she finally got the clamps right and clamped them on -- this is the first time the clamps have ever been actually clamped on me. I never realised it before, but Jacquie always holds them and doesn't clamp them. It hurts a lot less that way.... So the clamps hurt a bit. The outside of my mouth was hurting more than the inside. They had discussed whether it would be easier to pierce from the outside of the mouth and into the mouth, or pierce from the inside to the outside. The latter appealed to me more, as I had visions of the needle coming into my mouth and going straight into the gums of my top teeth (as the clamps were holding my lip at an angle). But they chose to pierce from outside in, as it would be easier to get the jewelry in.

By now I was seriously scared. I don't normally get scared but I was clamped and ready to go.... I don't remember exactly what happened from here, but I think Jacquie was standing on my right (her left) and the trainee on my left. I think Jacquie had her hand on my shoulder (or was holding the clamp). Before I knew what was happening, the needle was going through uncomfortably slowly, and I heard Jacquie say, "push it through further". It hurt like hell as it pierced the skin on the outside of my mouth, but from there, including breaking the skin in my mouth, it didn't hurt anymore than a slight pressure. The needle was removed and that little tube (catheter or canula or something) was left in the hole, then the jewelry was put in. That part hurt the least. It was done up, sprayed with the aftercare stuff and a bit of iodine was put on it with a cotton bud. I lied down for to have my eyebrow ring changed, which took about 10 minutes (like I said; it's a tiny ring...) and during this time, my labret piercing felt like it had dried up on the outside and began to feel tight. I asked for a bit more antiseptic spray, and it cooled it kind of, and made it feel better. I was asked if I was all right -- if I were dizzy or anything, but I was fine. One thing I didn't really pay attention to was the changing of gloves. I do know that new gloves were put on for the actual piercing, but I'm not sure if they were changed any time other than that.

I got up to leave, paid my $45 -- which was just for the labret stud. Everything else was free, so I saved $55 on the piercing. I don't know if I'll let a trainee pierce me again though, because it's more nerve wracking than it's worth.


When I got home it was about 6pm. I couldn't smile or move my mouth too much without some discomfort. I was really hungry because I was stupid and hadn't eaten for most of the day. But eating was harder than I anticipated. The back of the stud kept getting caught on my teeth and it would pull it and sting like hell. By dinner time, I had eaten about 5 pieces of big pasta and kind of had to chew it with little chews and really slowly. It was almost as bad as when I had my tongue done! I managed to eat most of my dinner, and only got it caught a few times.

Dad DID NOT like it one bit. He looked at me and asked if it was real. I just gave him a stupid look and said "duh" and walked away. He started talking to me as I walked off, telling me I must have had more money than brains to do something like that. I told him, "yes, I must have because I know I've got no brains". But I've kinda learned to ignore him.... Mum said she didn't like how it looked much, but I promised her it would be pretty good once it was healed. She told me she'd forgotten I was getting it done and was surprised -- that's also why she forgot to buy me a bottle of Listerine. But it's okay, because I have a little bit. I still use it for my tongue, even though it's healed. About 15 minutes ago, mum had a look at it. She said it's on an angle and she's right. The bit inside my mouth is higher than the ball on the outside. This is a pain.... But hey, it was free, and I was thanked profusely for letting them do it.


It's sore! I honestly didn't think it'd be this sore. Eating my cereal at breakfast was hard because I was dribbling milk all over my chin for some reason, and I couldn't lick it off! It must have looked funny. Eating is just difficult because I keep catching it.... I've been cleaning it and everything, some friends said it looked good.... Smoking wasn't a good idea.


I thought it'd be a good idea this morning to bathe it in warm water and dettol (an antiseptic), because it was a bit crusty when I woke up. I didn't dilute the dettol enough and it BURNED! I ran water on my chin for about 2 minutes and it felt better... and as soon as the water dried, it was burning again. For most of the day, it felt tight and itchy and a little hot. I got home tonight and again, smoking wasn't a good idea... I cleaned it about 20 minutes ago and there's a ring around it that looks like dry, crusty puss. There's not much there, but it's enough to worry me.


It was a bit crusty again today and it still hurts to eat.... I have to chew with my mouth open so I don't catch the back of the labret stud on my teeth. I don't like doing it though. I put some anti bacterial cream on it with a cotton bud that I had from when I had my brow pierced the last time, when it wouldn't heal properly. It seems to have helped a bit -- more than the dettol anyway. Soup is good!


It seems to be healing pretty fast. It's still a bit crusty. That burning sensation is still there a little bit, but I think it's more itchy than anything. I'm only using warm salt water now, and Listerine and occasionally the anti bacterial cream I got.

I love this piercing....

-amber [email protected]


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on: 15 April 1999
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