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Labret Experience

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Well, I've been into body piercing ever since my friend and I got out nostrils pierced back in 6th grade.

I can't exactly remember what made me want to pierce my nose at that young age of 12 but I was determined to do so I did it. It took a little while to convince my parents that it was a good idea but my dad finally gave me his ok because he's the one I lived with so that was good enough for me.

After a few weeks of not taking care of my nostril stud I ended up taking it out because it became infected, and thus closed up.

I gave up the whole piercing thing for a few years until I went and got my eyebrow pierced.

After that I got my tongue and a second eyebrow ring.

And that brings me to about 7 months ago. By that time I had been bitten by the piercing bug and I wanted more, so I decided after some time to get my labret done.

So the day I got all my money I headed to Portland Tattoo (Portland, Maine) to get my newest edition added to the extra holes in my head.

So I get there and tell the piercer Dave that I'm getting my Labret done.

So I go into one of the piercing rooms and get myself situated in the chair while Dave goes over the whole procedure with me. This was the first time that Dave did one of my piercings because my regular guy was busy doing a tattoo so I really didn't know what to expect.

So I ended up shooting the shit with Dave for a bit and right away he put me at ease and I knew I could trust him.

After that I did the regular oral routine, swished, spit, swished again, and sat myself back down.

Then came the marking. He dotted the marker in the center of my lower lip and it was perfect, first try even.

Next comes the clamps, woohoo, my favorite part. By the way, some people say that the clamps are the most painful part of the piercing, but they're really not.

It's just a cold metal feeling, which is actually pretty cool if you ask me. But anyway, the clamps are on and he slides the needle through, and then threads the labret stud in.

Phew, no pain, only relief.

I get and check out my new accessory in the mirror and unsurprisingly it's perfectly centered.

After that I talked to Dave for a little while and went over the cleaning instructions and gave me an aftercare sheet.

I told him he did an awesome job and I would definitely be back for more, and I have been, but that's a different story.

And then I left feeling extremely thrilled about my new hole.

Day 1)

After I left the shop I went home and tried to eat and big, thick, cheeseburger.

Not a good idea to say the least, the back got stuck over the top of my bottom teeth and I totally flipped.

After a little yanking and pulling the problem was fixed, and needless to say I didn't attempt to eat anything else that night except for ice, yummy.

Day 2)

My lip was pretty swollen, but not too unbearable. Drank a lot of ice water and took a lot of ibuprofen for the swelling. I could eat a little bit, like little pieces of chicken nuggets and french fries.

Day 3)

WooooHoooo!!! Swelling is completely gone and it isn't sore at all. I'm back to eating solid food with no problem.

And After that)

Well, I made a booboo and stopped cleaning my labret about a week after I got it done but luckily I didn't get any infections of anything. I know, I know, shame on me but I just didn't have much time back then. I wouldn't recommend anyone stop cleaning any piercing before you are supposed to because infections of the mouth can be pretty damn nasty. I wouldn't know from experience of course but a few of my friends had minor infections, and it wasn't too attractive.

But now that I've had my labret for quite some time I can honestly say I'm quite pleased with the piercing and it's become one of my favorites.

I've only had one slight problem with the piercing and that's when the back of the bar rubbed on my gums under my two bottom front teeth and causes a slight erosion, which made my gums quite sore for about a week.

All I did was rinsed with glyoxide for a few days and the problem went right away.

So to any of you considering getting your labret pierced I say go for it! It's a sexy addition for either a man or a women.

If anyone had any questions please mail me at [email protected]

Take care and have fun! Liz

P.S. If anyone is in the Portland Maine area I highly recommend you visit Portland tattoo shop.

It's the cleaning most reliable place in the area and the people there are great!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Lip Piercing

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