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My Labret and How it Came to Be

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So, last Saturday I got my labret done after three years of convincing my parents that getting a piercing would not automatically make me a failure in life (I am sixteen). If you are a minor and are interested in how I convinced my parents that shoving a 14 gauge needle into my face is not self-destructive behavior that calls for psychiatric evaluation, feel free to Email me.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. After I knew for sure that my parents were actually going to give consent, I researched which piercing studios in San Diego were reputable. I found that there are two, Dr. Jefe's and Mastodon; out of these two only Dr. Jefe's pierces minors, so that made my decision for me. I asked my dad if he could take me on Saturday, and his reply was affirmative.

I could hardly sleep Friday night, but I managed to be somewhat rested the next day. Around 11:30 we drove down to Dr. Jefe's with my friend Anna who was to hold my hand during the process. We walked in and it was smaller than I imagined it to be, but it appeared clean and orderly and all that good stuff. I went up to the counter and told them that I was a minor and that I had my dad with me, and we busted out with identification (ID's and birth certificate). They asked me to fill out a form with my address, phone #, etc, and both my dad and I signed at the bottom. I payed for the piercing, the jewelry and some Provon(anti-bacterial soap) and then they told us to kick back on the couches whilst the piercer prepared his gear. In 2-3 minutes they called me in. I was surprisingly calm; I had expected myself to be really nervous. I walked to the little room and sat on the dentist-type chair.

The piercer, Didier, prepped the area where I was to be pierced while he explained that he preferred to pierce labrets fairly high to avoid gum erosion. When he marked the spot, I thought it was too high but he explained that it would be better for me this way and that it would appear lower anyway because it would be pierced at an angle. So I was like, "okay, I trust you". I cant remember if I swished with listerine before or after this took place, in any case that happened somewhere along the line, and it slightly numbed the area. He told me to relax and not tense up as he put the clamp on. My friend Anna told me to close my eyes at this point and I knew he must have been opening the needle package, so I did.

He told me to breathe in my nose and out my mouth and not to squeeze Anna's hand because it would make me tense up, so I did what he told me. At some point, he pushed the needle through. It really is like you're biting your lip; I thought everyone was lying. My first thought was "Yay! There's no way I can wimp out after this point". So before I knew it the jewelry was in and Anna was saying "Oh! It's so cute!" I went to stand up to look at it in the mirror but he told me to sit down for a few seconds and relax. So I did. Then I looked in the mirror and it was perfect. It was higher than I first envisioned, but I realized I liked it better like this anyway.

It didn't bleed at all, which surprised me, but when I finally looked around I realized my dad had to leave the room because he apparently "needed some air". Okay, dad, whatever you say. The piercer told me about aftercare, gave me a sheet so I would remember, and told me to call if I had any problems.

Didier gave me some water, I tipped him, and we chatted about Anna's navel jewelry. She then picked out a new shiny thing for him to put in it for her. I was really light-headed at this point, and I milled around the store while she paid for her purchase. Then, Anna and I went in one of those booths they had in the shop where you get the pictures on little stickers. (:

My dad drove us home, where Anna's car was parked, and the two of us went directly to eat Japanese food, which I had no problem eating at all. I was out for the rest of the day and I did all the stuff like washing with listerine/water after eating, etc. I had absolutely no problems for the rest of the day, and today, the day after I got it done, everything is all good.

I highly recommend Dr. Jefe's to anyone in the San Diego area, not just because they pierce minors (w/ parental permission of course) but because I think anyone would be happy with the service there.

The End. By Andrea ([email protected])


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Lip Piercing

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