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Labret at 15

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My name is Bob and I am 15. After finding out that my parents were allowing My brother to get his lip pierced (my parent's dont like piercings) I decided To take advantage of the situation. I already had conned my parents into Letting me get my tongue and eyebrow pierced previously, and after every one I promised no more. So I call up the piercer to make my brothers Appointment (since I was planning everything out to my advantage) his Appointment is set for 3pm that day. We head off for Miraculous Creations in Worcester, MA were I get all my piercings done. It is about a 1-hour drive.

We Arrive and my brother was just asking me some questions like will it hurt? Will I be able to eat after this? I just told him dont worry about it I had More on my mind HOW WAS I GONNA MANAGE TO GET MY LABRET PIERCED TODAY AND HAVE MY PARENTS PAY FOR IT? We go inside and I start hinting that I was Interested in getting my labret pierced. I was looking at pictures. My dad Told me that I had enough metal in my face already and I wasn't allowed to get Any more. So I let 5 minutes pass and I moved on to my mom (well my dad was Outside). I said "mom im getting my labret pierced". She just laughed and Said no you arent. My dad returns in and then my mom goes I'll let you do it if you promise me that this will deffinatly be your last piercing before you turn 18. Then she goes "your only problem now is convincing your dad". So I look at my dad he goes no way in hell am I gonna let you do this once your 18 you can do anything you want but your not doing this now. So I started to complain about how unfair they are. I went on to say how I don't understand how they can be so against me getting piercings I don't care what other people think of me if that's how I want to look accept it. So my dad walked out all pissed and said its up to your mother but realize if you do this I am gonna be in a bad mood for a long time. They call my brother in for his appointment.

So I made Made my move at that moment. I said mom I am getting it pierced now at this Place other wise ill end up getting at some scummby place. So you either let me do it now or ill find a place that will pierce underage (the argument that Always works since my parents are against all piercings), so she let me do it (against my dads word) So I went to the counter and paid the lady I told her I was getting my labret pierced it came to $48. I looked in the jewlery cabinet and ppicket out a 16ga labret stud.(I wanted a 14 or a 12 but they said they felt more comfortable piercing labrets with 16). So I had to sing that little sheet that signes away your life and then I was ready to rock. So I go into the back room to find Jay my piercer, he does the standard routinee of showing me the autoclave and how they sanitize all of there equiptment (which is a great thing so you know the place is clean) So I go and sit down in the chair and he starts explaining to me my options where I wanted to place it. He took out the little black marker and let me pick were I wanted it, I decided on getting it on my lower chin area almost as low as I could go. He marked the spot asked me if I thought it was centered I did so he started to get the tools ready. He then told me to go wash w/ listerene for 1 minute before he pierced it. He took the clamp and clamped my lower lip and said now this is gonna hurt for a second, so he goes when I count to three take a deep breath and exhale. He got the needle ready and said three I exhaled and felt a quick sharp pain. It was about what I expected not that much pain. He then took the jewlery inserted it and screwed the ball in. He gave me a mirror and let me look at it I was pleased I liked it a lot. He gave me my little sheet on aftercare and went over it with me and asked if I had any questions I did When can I get this stretched? He said don't worry in a little bit you can probably pop a 14 right in it.

I went back out  into the lobby and saw the grins on my parents faces

they were not to happy. The whole car ride home was complete silence, and so were the next couple days. I went home and ate normal no difference. The guy told me that it would swell quite a bit it didnt swell one bit it didnt even hurt at all after. I took care of it good for the first few days rinsing after eating ect.. but then i slacked off after about 3 days rinsing ocasionally. The piercing healed fine it has been about 3 months now and i love it. I have recently strectched it to a 14ga and am buying a spike for it soon. i suggest this piercing to anyone thinking of getting it it is great.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Lip Piercing

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