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my great lip experience

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My whole interest in piercings (besides ears) started back when i was like 12 and pierced my belly button myself with a saftey pin. i thought it was the coolest thing (and i took it out like the next week, heh). in the upcoming years i had admired piercings but never did anything about it.. so now im the big 17 and decide my time had arrived. my first pierce was kinda accidental.. I went with one of my friends to get her tongue pierced. it was her thrid piercing and i really wanted to know how it worked.

Anyway I watched that whole procedure and ended up getting it done myself, which was not the plan. my tongue was pierced at a 14g and its now a 6. I enjoyed it so much I knew id be getting more.

And I did. I always liked the way lip piercings looked, so i checked it all out on BME and decided what to get. For a while i was torn between a madonna and my lip, so in the meantime i went and got a lobe orbital and some stretching done on my ears (2g).

Finally I had decided to get my lip, and made a plan to go into NYC with a few of my friends and get it done. I was so psyched, but the plans ended up falling through. It sucked. A week later I was sitting around at home and thought "I want my lip pierced dammit". So I called up my friend Lorraine and we went to Jinx Proof in Montclar NJ, the only place i could think of that was decent (as i know people who got pierced/tattooed there) and you didnt have to have an appointment. We got there at about 5:30 on a Friday, there was a lot of traffic and i was so excited I couldnt sit still. We pulled up in front of the place, and walked in, and told the guy at the desk what i was there for. it was a very relaxed place, and the guy complimented my hair (i have liberty spikes, not a very common thing on a girl) i guess that made me happy. and he got some stuff our for me so fill out. then we talked about jewlery sizes and my choices as I signed the papers,though i already knew what i wanted. a SS CBR with a silver bead, 16g. he picked the jewlery out of the case and then i was led into the piercing room. It was a clean well lit room with purple walls (i have no idea why i remember that). anyway I sat down in the chair and chatted with the piercer a bit, whos name i think was mike, or mark or something along those lines..i cant remember.. and he explained to me what he was going to do. He had me rinse with some diluted listerine stuff and showed me that everything was sterile etc. Next he marked my lip in the place i wanted (lower lip, right side) and got it ready for the piercing. Then he changed his gloves, put the clamps on, which was not as much pressure as i thought there would be, lined it up..and at this point i was really anxious, trying to relax by breathing slowly...he told me to take a deep breath and exhale as he pushed in the needle. i did, he did, it went through and it felt great. virtually no pain, just a nice sensation that i really enjoyed. he said "alright your pierced" and he put the jewlery in, and let me take a look. it was awesome, i was all smiles. i rinsed with the diluted listerine again. there was a little bit of blood but it went away after i rinsed so i wasnt worried. anyway i made my way out of the room, payed and tipped him and thanked him again. i was sooo happy as i was leaving i skipped to the car. after i got pierced we drove into nyc to go see a (punk) show, on the way there i kept checkin out my lip in the mirror. it looked really good. at the show i even got a few compliments on it so i was even more happy. the only bad thing was that i broke the no kissing rule and it swelled up horribly and i had a crooked smile. oh well, price to pay i guess. Well i've had my lip pierced now for about 2 weeks, and theres been no problems at all, ive been rinsing and washing and everything. there was some minor swelling like the second day but that was about it. definetly worth it. the pain factor was minimal, it just fely REALLY GOOOOOD. =) now im just looking foward to my next piercing. any suggestions?

-Rea Rejected, [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Lip Piercing

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