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   Well it all started with a chipped tooth! I was eating some pizza one

day and then as I was chewing I felt something hard. Awwwwww, it was part of my tooth. So I called the dentist and made an appointment. I went in and they checked out my teeth. Now you have to understand I had not been to the dentist in over a year so the results were not good. The estimate for the work was $3,000. So I started making more appointments. Then I started thinking about how I wanted to get some sort of facial piercing. I was thinking like a madonna or medussa and it would not hurt. My birthday was Nov. 18th so I had made a dentist appointment for the 25th. Then I would be 18 and so on. The next step was making the piercing appointment.

    I called about 6 different studios. Most of them had a valley girl

secretary that answered the phone. None of them knew anything! I asked how much the piercing would be and they replied "Uhh, I'm not really sure. Hold on a second." Then I called the local place. I talked to the owner and he was really great. He gave me a price and told me to eat at least an hour before I came in. I then asked him about appointments. He said that they really did not due appointments but if I wanted to call before I came in he would fit me in. When I made this call it was late October so I had time to think about it and come up with more questions.

   A few days after that I started thinking, "hmmm, I forgot to ask him

about the novocain!" Most studios have the sign "No tattoos or piercings while under the influence." So I called them back and asked "Can you pierce someone if they have novocain?" Then he said "Ya know, no one has ever asked me that. I don't see why not though." He told me to still call ahead and so on. I was so excited.

On November 16th the dentist called and said we had an opening and they could fit me in on the 17th at 8:30am. So I told them okay. I was sort of dissapointed because that was supposed to be the appointment on the 25th. So I went to the dentist the next day and they numbed up my mouth and fixed the two teeth. They kept having to inject more novocain because it was not going into the right spot. After I was done they told me just to go home and rest because my mouth was going to be numb for at least 2 hours. I said "Oll wite." I felt like a fat lipped blob who could not speak at all!

On the drive home I was thinking about going on to the piercing studio. I really wanted to get the piercing but my birthday was not untill tomorrow. My exit was coming up, I just kept going. I was going to the studio. When I got there the sign in sheet said full for the day. I was pretty upset. Then a guy approached me and asked if he could help me. Then I said "mwa a fearsin'" "WHAT?" He then asked me to write it down because I sucked at talking. I had decided on a standard labret, so I wrote it down. He then told me I could get pierced after they finished the tattoo they were working on.

They brought me the papers to fill out and sign. It had a place to put your age and birthday. Hmmm, I thought. I put in 11/18/80 and gave it back. I was getting nervous because I could feel my lip starting to wake up. I just kept waiting. Finally my lip was really waking up! I stoo up and took 2 steps towards the door. "Who is getting the labret piercing?" "eee" I said. It was Tom the guy I had talked to on the phone. It's me, Novocane Girl!" I some how mumbled out. Then it was into the chair I went.

"My lip is starting to wake up, will this hurt?" Not at all he said. He put on some latex gloves and took the jewlry out with needle nose pliers. He put the jewlry in the sanitizer and then picked up a marker. He put a dot on my lip. I looked at it. "Can it be a little lower?" He put another dot about 1/4 of an inch lower than the other. I liked it there. He told me that was kind of low for this piercing so he marked it one more time. It was perfect! He then cleaned out the inside of my mouth and had me do a listerine rinse. He then changed his gloves again. He took the needle out of its' package and then that was all I saw. Me being the wuss that I am closed my eyes and waited. "Okay, how do you like it?" It's done? I was relived, it did not hurt at all! But just because I am a wuss I said "ouch" just to be funny really. It was perfect! I really loved my new piercing.

I paid him and thanked him.I asked him a few questions about other piercings and how to care for my Labret. he answered and gave me a care sheet. That is about all there was I guess. The next piercing I got was from Tom also. That was a repierce for a septum, with no novocane! But thats a different story all together!

Piercer: Tom Painter, Body Art Tattoos, Berryville Va.

Piercee: Rachell Wicker [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Lip Piercing

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