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It was my sixteenth birthday, January 9th, and I had an appointment at Lucky Linda's Body Art in Shakopee, Minnesota. My appointment was at three-thirty, so I left my house at about one. It was quite a ways away. My mom and sister-in-law and me all got in the car and drove for what seemed like ever, getting lost on the way, and eventually getting to Body Art.

When I walked in I was really surprised, it was a very clean, comfortable place, nothing like the place I got my tongue done at. There was a small lobby type place with flash on the walls and benches with a bunch of people sitting on them, and a dread-headed guy standing behind the front desk drawing a tattoo for some girl. I walked up to the desk and said I was there for my three thirty appointment, the girl asked me what I was in for and I said a Monroe. She told me she didn't do those, but her mom did, so she would prep me and her mom would do the piercing. She took out a paper of consent and photocopied my mom's and my IDs and my birth certificate on it, then I stood at the desk and filled it out and my mom and I both signed it.

She then took me back to the bathroom, where she pumped some listerine into a paper cup and added some water. She told me to rinse at least three times for thirty seconds each, then left the room. I rinsed four times for forty-five seconds each. I was then led into a room with a doctor-type bench covered in blue glittery material, a desk, and some chairs. I sat down on a chair and she told me what she was going to do. She cleaned my upper lip area with some betadine and then her mom came in. She took out a caliper and measured my lip, then picked out a 16-gauge flat-backed labret stud. It looked a little short, like it wasn't long enough to allow for swelling, but I didn't say anything because I figured she knew what she was doing.

She clamped my lip and told me to take in a deep breath and let it out. When I let it out, she pushed the needle through. Hardly any pain at all. There was pain, but nothing intolerable, not a big deal. It was nothing like I thought it would be. Then she said, "you're pierced." I felt the biggest rush ever, like I was about ten feet up in the air. She took the needle out and followed it with a taper, then tried to put the stud in as she pulled the taper out. I guess my lip was bleeding pretty badly, cause her finger slipped and she didn't get it in. She tried unsuccessfully to get it through, and then she put the taper back in, which is a good thing, because she said it was already sealing up on the inside. I was in quite a bit of pain by then. It wasn't really an unbearable pain, more of an annoying pain, and I just wanted her to hurry up and finish.

She finally got it on the inside and it wasn't coming out through the front, so she had her daughter put the taper back in through the front, and she said she could feel it, and then pushed it right through. Her daughter screwed the ball on, and cleaned off the small amount of blood there was. She then told me I was done and I stood up. I turned around and faced the full-length mirror on the wall. All I could do was smile. I was still feeling that high, and it looked wonderful. They both told me it looked really good on me, and we walked out to the lobby, my mom gave me the strangest look. I paid and she gave me two aftercare sheets, one for oral piercing, and one for facial. She told me what I needed to do, I bought some Gly-oxide and some Benzalkonium Chloride to clean it with. All together it cost me sixty-eight dollars, a lot more than my tongue piercing cost, but well worth it. She gave me her card, I thanked her and left the store.

The ride home was a total blur. I kept turning around and smiling at my mom, and she said I could stop cause she was already used to it. I glanced in the rear-view mirror to look at it about every five seconds. We stopped at a store and bought some listerine and bottled water to rinse with when I was away from home. On the way home, we stopped at a video rental place and the girl behind the counter told me she thought I had great style and that my piercing was very original. It was the greatest compliment I'd ever gotten.

That night I went over to my sisters, where I got nothing but compliments on my new piercing. Some people just thought it was a beauty mark until they saw it up close. Her roommate said he thought it was original, and the only people he had ever seen with it was me and the girl who did his labret. We ordered pizza and the pizza guy also commented on my "original" piercing. I had no problem eating or anything, I kept listerining, and after a while decided to change to using antibacterial soap on the outside instead of the benzalkonium.

It turned out the stud was a little too short, the inside started getting imbedded in my lip, and it was pretty tight and uncomfortable for a while. My lip was swollen and I had a crooked smile for about a week, but it was all worth it. It was a great piercing experience, I recommend Lucky Linda's to anyone in Minnesota.

It's been about a month since my piercing. It feels totally healed even though I know its not. I probably don't clean it as often as I should, I rarely listerine after eating. I've gone back to using the Benzalkonium on the outside, and I use the Gly-oxide after I brush my teeth, but that's about all. I'm happier with this piercing than any of my others, and I can't wait till my mom caves in and lets me get my labret!!!

Holly Peterson [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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