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labret piercing

labret piercing

So I wake up up and so far it's your average sunday morning, then i remember i'm getting my labret pierced today. i was surprisingly not nervous, i guess mostly because i had my tongue and eyebrow pierced as well and figured i could handle anything. since i'm only 15 my mother came with me. we got downtown and got some chinese food before going to Tattoo Zoo, i ate a lot since i knew i wouldn't be able to as easily after. we get there at 2:10pm...my appointment was at 2 but the shop was totally empty accept for the three piercers and one tattoo artist who were sitting on a couch with a big blanket, i almost felt bad making them get up! My piercer Jacob introduced himself, he was great! he totally put me (and my mother) at ease with crazy jokes and stuff like that. i had heard from a lot of people that he was the best in the city so i didn't have any doubts, he led me to a room upstairs followed by another girl and a guy and my mom. the girl Lorna talked with me for at least 20 minutes before-hand, about cleaning, infection, healing, everything, Jacob and the other guy threw some facts in every once in a while, i don't think i could have been anymore informed! after signing a bunch of consent forms Jacob gave me a big sheet full of aftercare information.he explained to me EXACTLY what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. he had me lay down on the red doctor type bed and explained some more. he had me do some chi breathing which was so relaxing and we did some aromatherapy with lavender and something else i don't remember, whatever it was i was sniffing totally helped release my endorphins, and it helped me relax a LOT! he told me he would count to four, i breath in on one, out on two, in on three, out on four and he would put the needle through on four, as long as i was ready, i was, we counted, i kept my lip totally still(this whole time i had the clamp on my lip which was 100% painless) and...one...two...three...four.....the needle was through, it hurt, definitely, but it didn't bring me to tears or anything, it was an acceptable pain, he put a tiny cork on one end of the needle so he wouldn't prick himself putting the BB in...he used a fish-tail labret stud which was a great idea(i love it) so there was nothing to screw on, he just slid it in, this was definitely the most painful part, i flinched a little while he put it in and that was it, i stayed lying down for a bit, while he made sure i was okay, happy, everything, he constantly asked me how i was doing which was comforting.i stood up just a tiny bit dizzy, he asked if i wanted to lie down for a bit, offered me water, candy(something to suck on) aspirin, everything, i took some water and was fine. we walked downstairs i payed the 85$(expensive, but worth it! my mom payed 35$ so it wasn't that bad!) thanked everybody so much and left feeling great! i walked around downtown for a bit, bought some water at the 7-11 then took a bus home while my mom shopped some more. i still wasn't in any pain....


i've been home for a few hours, i've rinsed with epsom salts a couple of times, cleaned it with antibacterial soap, all that, my mom said it looks a little bit swollen, but no real pain, it feels really tight on the outside that's all, the tail end of the fish-tail is rubbing against my gums and is a little annoying but i guess i'll get used to that, i've actually been able to eat pretty normally, way more easily than when i had my tongue pierced, i ate some pancakes and a marshmallow chocolate thing.....


not too bad, i woke up and it felt like my lip was bigger than my head but it turns out it wasn't swollen at all...good thing! i ate two pogo's really slowly(that was a huge pain in the ass)sucked a lot of ice, drank a lot, rinsed with salt water a lot, cleaned it completely a couple of time...ate some celery, not too bad, it was easier to cut it into small pieces and eat it with a fork than to bite off pieces, the fishtail is killing my gums and i still can't move it to the other side, it kills when i try. it really hurts, maybe i'll stick a cotton ball on my gums or something, it hurts a lot, maybe i'll go by tattoo zoo tomorrow, we'll see how it goes overnight, taking lots of codeine....helps a bit!


my gums are killing and with the way the fish tail is rubbing against my teeth it's making me feel like my teeth are gonna rot. i love the way it looks, it's just a pain in the ass....

about 2 weeks later i was sleeping at a friends house and woke up in the morning after just lying there for about 10 minutes i realised it was gone! i freaked out! searched the bed...finally found it and struggled for over a half hour to put it back in, i shoved and it bled and i cried and it was soooo painful, but damnit, it was closed. since i was away on vacation at the time i wanted to wait till i got back and could go get it re-done at tattoo zoo...i get back to victoria and realise like an idiot i left my fishtail there. so now it's gone, and i'm so pissed off, what a fucking waste of 85$ and no one at school even got to see it, i got it, went on vacation and before i got back to school it fell out. now i have this kinda scab thing that just looks like a big zit. man. so so far i've had my tongue pierced, i lost one of the balls on my BB and it closed up. my eyebrow pierced, i forgot i had taken it out and it closed over night, and my labret, which fell out and closed up.

so i guess if you're getting your labret pierced, i'd recommend getting it done with a labret stud, i know a fishtail is supposed to be safer and more comfortable but it was so uncomfortable and the damn thing fell out. if you have any questions about any of these piercings give me a shout......no prob.


-sara b [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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